15 Baby Names That Mean Good Luck

15 Baby Names That Mean Good Luck

Learn about 15 baby names that signify good luck in your child's life.

African parents strive to pick a perfect name for their child because we actually believe in the power of names. We trust that a powerful name will somehow help the child as he or she journeys through the many difficulties of life. Parents who are looking to bestow some good luck on their child can look through our collection of names for good luck to find something fitting.

15 Baby Names For Good Luck

Below are male and female unique and stylish names for good luck:

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  1. Beatrice:

This name is a bit old fashioned but you can use the more modern version, Beatrix. Beatrice is a Latin name that means she who's happy or blessed.

  1. Fayola

This is a name for parents who are looking for something unique, with a touch of history and style. Fayola is a name of African-Yoruba origin, meaning ‘lucky or good fortune’.

  1. Dalia:

Dalia is a unique name that hasn't gone around so much yet. It means luck.

  1. Edward:

English royalties have used this name for generations. Edward means a wealthy guardian.

  1. Felicity:

Felicity is a Latin name that means good fortune or happiness. Though the name became popular in 1999, it has been around since 1930.

  1. Evangeline:

This beautiful name has a romantic feel to it that will be wonderful for your little girl. It’s a Greek name that means bearer of good news.

  1. Victor:

This one makes your child feel like a champion at the sound of it. Victor is a Latin name that means victor.

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  1. Felix:

This is a name that will bring a lot of sunshine into your son's life. Felix is a Latin name that means happy and fortunate.

  1. Fausto

This exciting name will bring good cheer to your little boy. It’s a Spanish name that means a fortunate one.

  1. Bedissa

Bedissa is a popular name that has managed to retain its uniqueness. The name has a gentle ring to it and common in different cultures all over the world. Bedissa is from the Georgian word ‘bedi’, which means ‘fate or destiny’.

5 More Names That Represent Good Luck

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  1. Fortune

Some parents don't always like to give their child straightforward names like Fortune, but there are those who are particularly drawn to these kinds of names for their simplicity. This fine name means lucky.

  1. Destiny

This one is a very straightforward name derived from the Latin word ‘destinare’ meaning ‘to determine’. This popular name means ‘fate or luck’.

  1. Asher

If you're a parent looking for something religious and unique for your boy, then this name is for you. Asher is a Hebrew name that means blessed, fortunate, happy one.

  1. Faustina

Faustina is an uncommon name previously assigned to boys, but in recent times girls have begun to answer this name. This name, meaning ‘good luck’, will surely bring laughter into your child's life.

  1. Halona

This wonderful name has an unusual vibe and can be used in its short form as Lona. Halona means ‘happy fortune’, and has a namesake in Halona King, the American Indie singer.

Your little bundle of joy deserves all the fortune and good luck they can get as they go through life. We hope you find a name you like in our list of names for good luck.

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