Shocking News: A Kenyan Nanny Ran Away With Her Employer's Child

Shocking News: A Kenyan Nanny Ran Away With Her Employer's Child

A nanny in Kenya and her lover tried to run away with her employer's child. Thankfully, she was caught. However, what measures of safety have you applied while hiring a nanny.

There's always a certain amount of risk to the act of bringing a stranger right into the heart of your home to work for you. A nanny in Kenya tried to run away with her employer's child. The nanny named Aida Sendi plotted with her lover Shafik Kibiringe but thankfully they were caught. '

How they were discovered and caught

nanny in Kenya tried to run away with her employer's child

The nanny's employer Merina Ayitsi Indala had informed her nanny that she would be expecting a visitor who'd come in to pick up a camera. But when the visitor arrived and found the house locked she had to put a call through to Indala. Then Indala tried to reach her nanny on the phone but the phone was switched off. This being unusual, Indala rushed home to know what was happening. She found her car not in its place when she arrived. Also, Indala noticed that the house help's belongings and some of the child's were missing. 

According to her, she tried to call the house help and her phone was unusually switched off.  This made her rush home where she found no one. Also, she realized her house help's belongings and her child's clothes were missing.

Immediately, she reported the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices. The police alerted their colleagues with the car description to arrest the occupants of the car in question. 

What Legal Actions Were Taken

The two suspects were charged with stealing Indala's car and child, along with the child's clothes. But they both denied the charges before a court. The court refused to grant bail and had them remanded because they were a flight risk. 

The suspects themselves told the court that they were intercepted at a crossing point at the border. Also, the prosecutor, Jacky Kiso, told the court that the suspects were caught at the Malava border as they were trying to cross into Uganda. The prosecutor was trying to tell the court how much of a flight risk the suspects were. The court had to come to a no-bail decision. 

Safety tips when hiring a nanny

nanny in Kenya tried to run away with her employer's child

You must get to know anyone you're bringing into your home to take care of your child. At least to an extent. Here are a few measures you should take during and after the hiring process. 

  • Interview and in-home trial

This can never be over-emphasised. Interview. Interview. And then interview some more. Ask for work history and experience. Do your research. Check the nanny out online if you can find her. After that do an in-home trial. It's a sure way to test things before you commit fully.

  • Establish rules 

Even if the rules are obvious, you should still try to spell them out. You want to be welcoming and warm to the nanny, but don't get too carried away. State your deal breakers, lines the nanny should never cross no matter what. 

  • Monitoring 

Even after the nanny has started working and you need to monitor things, it is not out of line to install CCTV cameras. But there's no point being sneaky about this. Talk to the nanny about it. Assure her that it is not about trust, but about making sure your home is safe in your absence.

There are wonderful nannies out there who are professional and can take good care of your child. You just need to dig in to find them. This isn't a call for you to be awful or cold towards your nanny. With the above-listed tips, cases like this nanny in Kenya who tried to run away with her employer's child can be curtailed.

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Written by

Lydia Ume