10 Natural Black Skincare Products For Skin Wen Dey Glow

10 Natural Black Skincare Products For Skin Wen Dey Glow

We know say black skin no dey quick get wahala, but e no mean sey make we no take care of am. See some natural products wen go make yur skin shine.

If yu get black skin, yu need to maintain am, for am to fit glow. Some common problems wen blackskin dey get fit be bcos of pimples or oda skin injuri from lack of exfoliation. To fit correct some of dese problems, yu need natural skincare products for yur bodi. Meanwhile pipo wen dey make cosmetics dey jam efiri thing togeda. See some natural skincare products for blacks wen yu fit use to give yu dat radiant skin wen yu want.

10 Natural Skincare Products For Black Pipo

natural black skincare products

Yur skin na di largest organ wen dey di bodi, and na im come dey visible pass all di oda organs. For yu to fit get skin wen dey healthi and smooth, dat cleanser and moisturiser wen yu dey always forget to use dey necessari for yu. Dem dey veri important if yu want make yur skin dey shine efiri time. See some natural skincare products for blacks wen fit change yur skin from di dull colour wen e be to smooth one wen dey shine.

  • Coconut oil 

Coconut oil na one thing wen dey natural and yu fit use take do different things. Yu fit consume coconut oil and use am take rub skin. E get many benefit to yur skin, e dey fortify yur skin tissue and help yu commot any skin cell wen don die. E even get betta antibiotics wen dey help fight bacteria and fungi wen dey inside yur skin.

neem dogo yanro

Neem leaves. Image: Pixabay

  • Neem (Dogoyanro)

Neem leaves dey help moisturise skin and e go make am soft. E get antifungal inside am wen go help yu make yur scar light and commot any black patch wen dey yur bodi. Yu fit use di oil with olive or coconut oil  for yur hair and skin.

turmeric(skincare products)

  • Turmeric

Becos e get anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, tumeric dey work for skin and e dey heal acne. Yu fit even use am brighten yur skin wen yu use am do face-mask.

  • Coffee beans

Any skincare product wen no get antioxidant neva complete. Na wetin make coffee beans dey veri good. Studi don show sey e get antioxidant pass green tea. If yur black skin don dey get wrinkles, use products wen get coffee beans nad see wetin go happen.

  • Sea salt

Di sea no just dey give us seafood, e dey also give us sea salt wen we fit use for skincare wahala. Sea salt get calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Wen yu mix am inside face scrub wen get honey and avocado, yu fit use am for yur skin small small. So, yu fit mix one part sea salt with two parts honey and avocado or yu experiment di ratio wen dey best for yur skin.

a bowl of honey(skincare products)

  • Honey

Honey get antioxidant inside am wen no go quick make yu age. E dey help make skin bright and soft.

  • Argan oil

We don talk sey yu need cleanser and moisturizer if yu want make yur skin colour bright. Argan oil na veri important ingredient wen dey inside face moisturizers, face cleansers, eye creams, and anti-ageing skincare. E get natural Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants wen good for bodi.

  • Soybeans extract

If yu wan make yur dull skin dey bright, den na soya beans extract yu need. Research don show sey soya beans extract dey lighten skin wen dey discoloured.

  • Whipped butter for skin

Dis na di perfect moisturizer skin wen dey dry and oily. E get shea butter wen go make yur skin and scalp dey soft. Yu fit whip sheabutter, cocoa or mango togeda till yu don get good consistenci.  For skin wen black, yu fit add jojoba, grapeseed and apricot oil.

Di thing wen come fine pass about natural skincare products na yu fit try different things while yu dey check wetin yu dey run for yur skin. Some of di beauty products wen dem dey sell for shops fit get chemical wen go harm yur skin.

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Written By Lydia Ume

Translated By Anino Aganbi

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Anino Aganbi