Wives, Here Are 5 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Mothers-In-Law

Wives, Here Are 5 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Mothers-In-Law
It's preferable to be respectful to the woman who raised your man but you should also find a way of limiting her influence in your home. Mothers-in-law can be unbearable but you, as the wife of her son should never tell your mother-in-law these things ...


never tell your mother-in-law these things

Having your mother-in-law active in your husband's life can sometimes be a big problem. Some women have admitted to me that they wished their partners' moms were dead.

Others even say they wouldn't want to marry a guy whose mother is still alive. It's almost like the fear of your mother-in-law is the beginning of wisdom.

But whatever the case may be, she is alive and involved in your marriage. So, to keep things sane and happy, here are five things you should never say to your mother-in-law.

You should never tell your mother-in-law these five things

1. "Don't ever come to my house again"

Most mother-in-laws hate these words with passion. They hate when the wives give them an ultimatum not to see their sons whenever they want to.

They feel it's their right to know everything about their sons' lives but don't want you to have the same right.

2. "You are a bad mother":

No mother wants to be labelled as a bad mom, not even yourself. Yes, she could be problematic but does that make her a bad mother?

The truth is she raised the "good" guy you are now dating or married to.

She'll think you are rude, ungrateful and disrespectful. This could be detrimental to your relationship.

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Wives, Here Are 5 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Mothers-In-Law

3. "Stay away from my husband"

These words will hurt any mother. Your husband is her son no matter how you want to look at it.

So show the woman some respect already! Some mothers are mean, even to their own children but don't be the one to tell her that.

Let her son do it. She's been in her son's life like forever so asking her to stay away from the man she raised is unreasonable.

4. "You didn't raise your son any better"

Any mother hates when her ability to be a good mother is called to question by anyone especially her daughter-in-law.

She knows how she raised her boy, and if the son isn’t complaining, you shouldn't!

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Wives, Here Are 5 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Mothers-In-Law

5. "You're a witch"

This is very offensive to African mothers. To prove someone is involved in witchcraft is almost impossible except you are a strong man of God or involved in Spiritism.

If you are not into any of these, then you may have no right to call someone - certainly not your mother-in-law - a witch. Instead, go down on your knees and pray!


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