Interesting new things to try in bed for Nigerian couples

Interesting new things to try in bed for Nigerian couples

Inject passion and heat into your relationship by considering new things to try in bed for couples. Your bedroom can come alive again if you and your partner are deliberate about bringing sexy back! Things might have become a bit repetitive under the sheets, but don’t lose hope just yet. You can relearn to set each other alight by bringing up some fun ideas into the bedroom.

Do you want to rock your partner’s world all over again?

Here are some new things to try in bed for couples:

1. Make it a date

Make an appointment for the bedroom. Before you both rush off to work in the morning, make sure the other person knows that things are getting steamy in the bedroom at 11 in the night. This is a great way to build anticipation. Chances are you’ll spend the whole day thinking about the session you had booked with your S/O. When work closes and it’s time to get home, guess who’ll be rushing back to get it on?

2. Shower together

You probably shower together already, but showering together in this instance will mean a lot more than scrubbing your partner’s back because they can’t reach around to do it. This time things will get a lot more heated! Get the most exotic shower gel, soap each other up and rinse off together. You’ll have to rush back into the bedroom for the rest of the action, though. Things could get a little bit too slippery in the things to try in bed for couples

3. Introduce toys

Toys are fun new things to try in bed for couples. If you’re shy about walking into an adult shop to get sex toys, you can just order online and keep your reputation intact. Discuss what you’re getting before you buy the toys. Your partner has to be comfortable with your sex toy haul. Have fun experimenting!

4. Talk dirty to each other

Communication is important, and when you’re talking dirty to your partner between the sheets, it becomes one of the amazing new things to try in bed for couples. Dirty talk heightens the already heated situation. Tell your partner how much you love what they’re doing to you and watch them put in even more effort.

5. Seduce each other

This one seems so simple, right? But we’ve included it in our list of new things to try in bed for couples for a number of reasons. Number 1, most long-term couples in Nigeria are already suffering from see finish, which usually comes from years of living together and seeing all that there is to see about the other person.
That notwithstanding, you can put in an effort to seduce your partner and it will work. Splurge on a sexy, fire-engine red lingerie and make your man sweat! For the men, fill the tub with luxury bath gels and sprinkle a few rose petals on top. Then break out a cold bottle of bubbly champagne and mesmerize her senses.

6. Do it outside the bedroom

For an article that offers tips on new things to try in bed for couples, telling you to take it out of the bedroom seems counter-productive, right?
We’ll explain.
There is no law that says your sexy times must always happen in the bedroom. In fact, taking things outside will spice up your sex lives! Before you start blessing the whole house with your lovemaking, make plans to take your kids to the grandparents. You can get it on once you have the whole house to yourselves. Be creative: You can hang from the ceilings or get at it in the kitchen.

7. Eat off of each other’s bodies

This is messy, but it is also very sexy. Place yummy things on your partner’s erogenous zones and lick them off. You can use gourmet ice cream or whipped cream for this act of delicious torture. Take your time and devour them until they beg you to stop while also crying for you to please continue.
Take turns pleasuring each other and watch how your sex life flourishes again.

8. Act out their Fantasy

We can’t write an article about new things to try in bed for couples without including this amazing tip. First, you need to keep an open mind. Understand that your partner has fantasies of their own, and this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this could come in handy during lovemaking.

new things to try in bed for couples

Ask them to tell you about their most delicious fantasy, then enact it in real life. This could call for role play, so don’t be shy to put on a costume if the scene calls for it. You will find that this helps you to rediscover your partner all over again!

9. Take it Outside Your Home

Sometimes all it takes to rekindle your fire is a baecation to somewhere exotic. You don’t need to travel outside Nigeria or spend loads of money for this one. All you need is the desire and the sense of adventure. Plan a sex trip outside your home. Agree that the primary goal of the said trip is to set fire to each other’s senses. It’s totally fine if you can do it in Paris or Barcelona, but if money is an issue, you can always book a weekend getaway in that inexpensive hotel down the street.

new things to try in bed for couples


10. Experiment with fun sex positions

Get a list of fun, new sex positions and try them out with your partner. You will find lots of unique sex positions online, so you should aim at trying out at least ten of them. Go ahead and explore your partner in angles you’d never have thought possible.

Hey, you can also have fun practicing while laughing at the most ridiculous positions.
Life happens sometimes and couples fall into a boring routine. But you can bring back the passion into your relationship by using these fun new things to try in bed for couples as a guide!

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Written by

Julie Adeboye