Lunch Ideas: 5 Recipes To Try Out For Lunch On New Year's Day

Lunch Ideas: 5 Recipes To Try Out For Lunch On New Year's Day

Creative new recipes to try out for lunch and surprise your family.

With the celebration of the New Year comes the fuss for the type of food that’s befitting for such a special occasion. You want to go the extra mile, working yourself up for something that goes beyond the everyday meals. If the above lines describe you perfectly, we bring you some easy New year lunch ideas.

5 easy New Year lunch ideas

Most people spend so much time in the kitchen on special holidays like this that it turns out to be a stressful day instead of a day of celebration and relaxing. They want everything to be perfect, but who says perfection can’t be found in simple yet delicious meals? So here are some lunch ideas that wouldn’t take too much of your time.

  • Brown coconut rice
brown cocounut rice

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Healthy options

The good thing about this recipe is that it’s not just easy to prepare but also highly nutritious because of the brown rice. Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice because it doesn’t undergo any of the processing that white rice goes through. Which ends up removing most of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and dietary fibre it contains. For brown rice, only the outside layer is removed, preserving the nutrients. However, the nutritional value of brown rice is only half the reason why it’s on this list. The other reason is that the brown coconut rice recipe can be prepared in under forty-five minutes, which gives you time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

  • Nigerian style couscous (Jollof)

Nigerians love their jollof rice, be it party style jollof rice, baked jollof rice, or jollof coconut rice. That is why this Nigerian-styled couscous might be a winner because of its Jollof nature. This recipe is prepared almost the same way jollof rice is prepared, and couscous can be paired with almost stew or salad of your choice.

However, using ordinary water to boil the couscous during preparation will make it turn out bland. Use chicken stock instead.

  • Roasted garlic chicken stew

roasted garlic chicken stew

Roasted garlic chicken stew is one of the easiest recipes you can have for lunch during this holiday. The fact that it’s easy doesn’t take anything away from this delightful recipe. All you need when it comes to spices is your garlic, then a few ingredients and then blended pepper. To move things along faster, you can multi-task and finish under forty-five minutes and serve with white rice.

  • Coconut Fried Rice

So you made fried rice for Christmas lunch? You can try another variant of fried rice to add some variety to your table. How about some Coconut fried rice, and it’s delicious!

  •  Spicy goat treat

Are you looking for something sharp and tasty? You can use some of the leftover meat from Christmas to prepare this flavourful finger food.


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