Newborn baby cold home remedies

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Every new mom should have newborn baby cold home remedies in her arsenal. Coughs and colds are super-common for infants, so you shouldn’t get too alarmed when your little one gets sick. This is a great way to build up the baby’s immunity! Most times, your baby’s sickness isn’t because they were exposed to germs. Babies tend to fall sick when there’s a change in the environment.

Some things that can Trigger a Cold in an Infant

If your baby suddenly develops a cold, you should be concerned about dirty curtains and mosquito nets. Also, check for foreign smells in the home. Your baby could catch a cold from being around other infants or even adults. Whatever the cause of the cold is, newborn baby cold home remedies should fix the issue.

How to Know if Your Newborn has a Cold

Here are some common symptoms to look out for:
• Coughing
• Loss of appetite
• Fussiness
• Sneezing
• Fever
• Sleep problems

Things to Avoid when your Newborn has a Cold

• Avoid giving honey to a child less than one year old
• At no point in time should the child be completely naked even if he is running temperature
• Anti-bacterial drugs won't fix colds in newborns
• Medication for coughs and colds aren’t recommended for children under the age of two
• Make sure the baby doesn’t sleep on their stomach
• Vapor rubs can be harsh on the baby’s skin and airways

newborn baby cold home remedies

Newborn baby cold home remedies:

When your baby starts coughing and sneezing, there is a tendency for his temperature to rise. This shouldn’t make you panic. Fever is a way of the baby’s body informing you that something is wrong. What you should do is to use the following newborn baby cold home remedies.

1. See a pediatrician

Newborns are delicate, so you’ll need to take your baby to the doctor. This is the only way to rule out other serious conditions like pneumonia or the flu. Newborn baby cold home remedies should not replace a visit to the doctor and medical tests.

2. Make sure the baby is hydrated

If the baby is on exclusive breastfeeding, this means you should breastfeed more often. If the baby isn’t on exclusive, give lots of liquid especially water, breast milk, and formula.

3. Try to clear the baby’s nostrils as often as possible

Most Nigerian women suck the mucus away from the baby’s nose. Other ways to do this is the use of a cotton bud to gently clear the baby’s blocked nostrils. You can also use a neat handkerchief to clean the blockage.

4. Raise the baby’s head slightly when he is sleeping

One of the very effective newborn baby cold home remedies is to raise the baby’s head slightly when he is asleep. You can do this using a soft baby pillow or you can fold a cloth and put under his head as a pillow. Please, do not raise the baby’s head too high as this can cause neck pain or a headache.

5. Nasal drops

Saline drops can help relieve the baby.

6. Warm water bath

Bath the child with warm water in the morning and at night. The water shouldn’t be lukewarm. It should be edging close to hot, but please certainly not hot water. This is one of the key newborn baby cold home remedies.

7. Apply shea butter

Apply shea butter on the baby’s chest, sides and under his nose. His palms and feet too should benefit from a generous dose of shea butter. Shea butter has so many benefits. Apart from making a baby’s skin smooth, it can also help in relieving the baby of cold and catarrh.

8. Air the room

Air out the baby’s room when the baby isn’t there. Spread the mosquito net outside or wash it. It is important to keep the room cross-ventilated in the day. At night, the windows should be closed to keep out cold air.

9. Rest

Allow the baby enough time to rest. They may be restless and will sleep for very short periods because of the discomfort, but whenever they finish feeding, put them to bed and try to lull them to sleep.

10. Hot water steaming

Another superb newborn baby cold home remedy is hot water steaming. Avoid adding vapour rub and menthol to the hot water. Just pour boiling water into a bowl, and then bend your baby’s head above the steam and cover the baby with a towel. Please be careful when dealing with a baby and a bowl of hot water. After a minute, raise the child’s head so that they can breathe. Then repeat the process again.

newborn baby cold home remedies

These newborn baby cold home remedies will help your baby feel better in no time. Naturally, the cold should be gone in about a week. However, you know your baby more than anyone else, so if you suspect anything out of the ordinary, please visit your pediatrician right away.

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