Nigerian Baby Girl And Boy Names That Carry Good Fortune

Nigerian Baby Girl And Boy Names That Carry Good Fortune

Nigerians are an extremely superstitious lot, and it is evident in every facet of our lifestyle, including naming our children. History and story books are filled with people chasing luck and fortune in their own lives. There are lots of ways to gather some of that luck. So it's no surprise that many parents look to bestow fortune on their precious babies as well, through the names they bear. Of all the so-called “attribute names” (such as Faith, Hope, and Grace), what better gift than good fortune and prosperity? We've curated a list of some "fortune-carrying" Nigerian baby girl and boy names across the major Nigerian tribes. Are you naming a baby anytime soon? You could pick one of these for your baby.

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Check Out These Nigerian Baby Girl And Boy Names

M/F Name Meaning Tribe
M/F Anah Source of goodness Igbo
M Debare Born during good times Yoruba
M/F Edidiong Blessing Efik/Ibibio
M Enofe One who is rich Benin
M/F Ebunoluwa God's gift Yoruba
M/F Esosa God's gift Benin
F Ezinwa Good child Igbo
F Fehintola Lean on wealth Yoruba
F Fola Honourable Yoruba
M Oganiru Good luck Igbo
M Abioye Born during a coronation Yoruba
M/F Abolanle Met wealth at home Yoruba
M/F Abomeli Abo was victorious Igbo
F Adaoma Good lady Ibo
F Adaora Daughter of all Igbo
M/F Adebambo The crown came with me Yoruba
M Adebamgbe Royalty dwells with me Yoruba
M/F Adebisi We added to the crown Yoruba
M Adebiyi Royal one Yoruba
M Adebowale The crown has come home Yoruba
M/F Adeboye The crown has brought title Yoruba
M Adedayo The crown has turned to joy Yoruba
M Adedeji The crown has become two Yoruba
F Adedoyin The crown is now sweet Yoruba
F Adefolake Your wealth supports us Yoruba
M/F Agu leopard; agility and strength Igbo
M Ajala victory at last Yoruba
M Ajibola awake to richness Yoruba
M Akarachi divine destiny Igbo
F Ijeoma good journey in life Igbo
F Iretomiwa blessing has come to me Yoruba
F Juba respect Yoruba
M/F Maka advantageous goodwill Igbo
M Mfoniso good luck Efik/Ibibio
M Mobo freedom Yoruba
M/F Modupeore thank you God for this gift Yoruba
F Mofoluwakemi given for the Lord's blessing Yoruba
F Mojisola awake into fortune Yoruba
M Mongo famous Yoruba
M/F Monjolaoluwa enjoying the wealth of God Yoruba
M Odiche one who is special Ibo
M Odogwu victor; leader Igbo
M/F Olayemi I am worthy of wealth Yoruba
M/F Onyinyechi God's gift Igbo
M/F Oreoluwa gift from God Yoruba
M/F Osayuwamen God has given me wealth BENIN
M Osinachi comes from God Igbo
M Zaki lion Hausa
F Zauna to be alive Hausa
M Zikorachukwudi show God to the world Igbo
F Zoputa protector Yoruba
M Ugoulo pride of a home Igbo
F Uloaku bank or house of wealth Igbo

Nigerian Baby Girl And Boy Names That Carry Good Fortune

These are the names for a Nigerian baby girl and boy. Now none of these names are guaranteed to make any kid a lotto winner or more likely to receive a big fat cheque from the Central Bank. However, they are lovely names with beautiful meanings like “blessed” or “fortunate”. Everyone needs a little luck on their side once in awhile, and these adorable names will serve as cute monikers as well as good luck charms.

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