Nigerian brides hairstyles: Which one would you pick?

Nigerian brides hairstyles: Which one would you pick?

Want to know why Nigerian brides hairstyles are always so laid and gorgeous? Here’s why!

Nigerian brides hairstyles

The typical Nigerian bride-to-be plans to have a memorable wedding. And if you have ever been to a Nigerian wedding, you’ll testify that everything from the dress to the décor to the hairstyle is always perfect! Perfection is the goal.

Nigerian brides hairstyles
Nigerian brides hairstyles have evolved. In fact, the wedding beauty industry is growing at such a rapid rate that it has become a massive employer of labor. It is even garnering attention from international media like the BBC and CNN.

Types of Nigerian brides hairstyles

Gone are the days of shiny, flammable plastic weaves and shoddy gel jobs. These days, Nigerian brides go all in when it comes to hair and makeup. Wedding beauty is a big part of the wedding checklist, and brides don’t mind spending a fraction of the entire wedding cost on their hair and makeup.

There are popular Nigerian hairstyles that Nigerian brides favour. The good thing is that there’s a variety of styles, and everyone can pick and choose something to suit their face and complexion.
So, here are Nigerian brides hairstyles you could try:

1. Gel-ups

This hairstyle is one of the oldest Nigerian bridal hairstyles. This style became popular in the 90s, but it has evolved so much that no one thinks it is dated! A gel-up hairstyle involves copious amounts of hair gel and a weave or the natural hair of the bride arranged on the crown. This style is sleek, sophisticated and easy to pull off, and that’s why it has become so popular among Nigerian brides.

2. Braids

Braids are the OG Nigerian hairstyles. Braids are fun to style, and that’s why a lot of brides will prefer to get braids. The good thing about using braids for weddings is that braids are very versatile, and a bride has the choice of styling it to suit the shape of her face.
Also, the hair extensions used for braids come in a variety of fun shades, so one could even choose to match it to her wedding colours!

Nigerian brides hairstyles

3. Lace wigs

A good lace wig fits just like the hair is growing out of the scalp, hence why stylist and brides choose it as one of the best Nigerian brides hairstyles. Lace wigs are pretty pricey, but the high cost usually guarantees that it will be of great quality. A bride has the option of using curly lace wigs, straight lace wigs and wavy lace wigs.
You can manipulate a good lace wig into any style of your choice, but the styling will often be influenced by the type lace wig. There are 360 lace wigs, frontals and lace fronts. Usually, the stylist will recommend the best type for a bride’s preferred style.

4. Natural hairstyles

The natural hair movement in Nigeria is huge! More and more women are ditching relaxers in favour of growing out their natural textures. #TeamNaturalhair brides are giving us hair goals! You only have to log into Instagram to see the gorgeous natural hairstyles from black brides all over the world.
A while ago, it was rare to see brides rocking their natural hair. Natural hair as a Nigerian brides hairstyle was simply unheard of. Nowadays black women from all over the world are rocking their natural hair, and we are here for it!

Nigerian brides hairstyles

5. Short hairstyles for natural hair

No hair? Don’t care! Brides with short hair and teenie-weenie afros are not left out. Bold, short cuts for weddings are also popular for weddings! Women who normally rock well-done buzz cuts don’t always have to use hair extensions for their weddings!

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