Dis Nigerian doctors don separate conjoined twins (photos)

Dis Nigerian doctors don separate conjoined twins (photos)

Conjoined twins na twins wey dem born join togeda from deir mama womb.

Nigerian doctors dem don separate one pair of twin pikin wey join for dia chest and belle. Dem dey for inside operation wey dem do for 13 hours. Di pipu wey do di operation na one team for Abuja wey get 78 members.

Dis Nigerian doctors don separate conjoined twins (photos)

Di name of the twins na Mercy and Goodness Ede. Dem don dey kampe and dem dey go house. E don reach 6 weeks wey dem do di operation according to pediatric surgeon Emmanuel Ameh. Na im lead di team of Nigerian doctors wey do di operation for National Hospital for Abuja.

How Nigerian Doctors Take Separate Conjoined Twins Mercy and Goodness

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The operation wey go separate di twins hapun for November 2019; but na just now di hospital dey nack us di tori. Sake of say dem wan make sure say di girls don dey kampe after di operation. Dis twins be di first twins wey di govment hospital and di Nigerian doctors go operate. Na so Dr. Tayo Haastrup tell CNN. Na him be pesin wey tok for di hospital. E reach 13 hours wey di doctors dem take work, and dem use 2 theatres take do dia work.
"We jus dey hapi plus our head swell on top. Sake of say di team wey do di operation, all of dem be Nigerians, we do di operation for Nigeria and di mama and papa dem no need travel go do am." Haastrup tok.
Haastrup tok say di operation cost reach thousand of dollar. But say dem do am free for di mama and papa as na small small work dem dey do. Dem no go fit arrange di moni for di operation.

Di Operation Get Risk No Be Small

Dis Nigerian doctors don separate conjoined twins (photos)

Dem born di twins for August 13 2019 but Ameh say dem delay di operation until November sake of some wahala wey dey.

To separate conjoined twins no be small mata. Oyibo go call am complicated and dangerous procedure. And no bi all conjoined twins dem fit to separate, sake of say some dey share organ for inside dia bodi.

Di twins dem join togeda for chest, den dem come get one wahala mata wey oyibo dey call omphalocele. Na wahala wey dey folow pikin come wen dem just born am; and e dey cause make d pikin intestine dey for outside di belle. Na so Dr Ameh take tell CNN.
Dokita say di twins first do operation to repair dat place wey dey open for belle. So dem need to wait make dem dey kampe before dem do di main separation operation. E come get some oda wahala wey dem need to manage before di main November operation.

Conjoined Twins No Dey Common At All

Dis Nigerian doctors don separate conjoined twins (photos)

Ameh tok say di plastic surgeon dem wey dey di team dey worry say di twins chest go dey open. And if di chest dey open e get risk becos of infection. So di plastic surgeon dem first do big artificial skin wey go fit cover di open belle. Dat one sef dem use plenty weeks do am.
"We wan know weda dem go fit survive on dia own wen dem don separate dem. Dem dey share liver and diafram but all di oda organs dey separate," Ameh tell CNN.
"We gas find some tools wey we need wey we no bin get," he tok join.
For inside one 2017 paper for journal of Clinical Anatomy, dem say conjoined twins dey scarce no bi small. Dem say na only 1 conjoined twins you go see for inside 50,000 pikin wey dem born.
But around 60% of dose pikin no dey survive come out for belle. So we fit tok say na like 1 conjoined twins you go see for inside 200, 000 pikin wey dem born. And 70% of dem be gal pikin. All dis one na di study tok so.

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