Nigerian Food Timetable For Weight Loss

Nigerian Food Timetable For Weight Loss

This Nigerian food timetable for weight loss is safe and effective. Also, it is full of items you can easily find in your home.

There is no hidden formula for weight loss calculations. The trick is to burn or lose more calories than you take in. Find a way to achieve such a balance and you'd find yourself losing body mass and weight. But whatever you do, do not resort to starving yourself just so you can lose weight. Nigerian food timetable for fast weight loss, paired with an active lifestyle, can help you find a healthy balance. 

Furthermore, to break it down in plainer terms, 1600 to 2000 calories per day is what an average person burns just by existing. And this is only when you're not very active. The number rises if you're active during the day. So to lose weight healthily is to understand how active you are through your day. Then find a way to take in fewer calories than the average person burns per day, but not so much that your body begins to lack adequate calories to perform your day to day tasks. That kind of weight loss plan will be too aggressive to sustain. 

Nigerian food timetable for weight loss

Nigerian food timetable for fast weight loss

Days Breakfast  Lunch Dinner 
Sunday 1 boiled green plantain 1 piece of fresh fish with vegetable soup  2 pieces of chicken boiled, with one apple
Monday 1 boiled egg and 1 apple  Salad with roast or fried chicken  Fish pepper soup with one apple 
Tuesday Two apples with loads of water  1 cup of beans with water  Fish pepper soup with one apple 
Wednesday  1 boiled egg with one boiled sweet potato  1 wrap of Moi-Moi  Suya with salad and tomatoes 
Thursday 1 cucumber with 3 cherry tomatoes  Chicken pepper soup  Fried fish and vegetable soup 
Friday  1 boiled green plantain with 1 boiled egg  Meat pepper soup with 1 apple Salad and fish
Saturday  Vegetable salad  Chicken with vegetable soup  Suya with 1 apple


This weight-loss timetable is not for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and sick people. If you fall into any of those categories, please this timetable is not for you.

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Source: Naija Food Therapy

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Lydia Ume