Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

This Nigerian maternity cloth go fit any woman wey get belle. Different style dey for different body size. Come look make you choose wetin go fit you.

For years, you no get wahala to take select dress for wedding, dinner outing and party. Now wen you don dey expect your pikin, e dey hard you to find fashionable Nigerian maternity dress for your pregnant body. Sometimes d tin dey frustrate you because you realise sey you nor fit wear some particular correct styles because dem no go dey comfortable and healthy for you and your pikin. No be only you dey dis kain mata. Women wey get belle dey always complain sey dem no see clothes wey dem go wear. Shuga, one fashion designer for Uyo, Nigeria talk am sey – even as im be fashion designer so, e hard am small wen she wan buy Nigerian maternity dress. When you get belle e dey help if you get plenty styles to choose from.”

Anyone fit wear sweet dress wen she get belle. So we go fit save you de trouble to dey run go meet Google to dey search for dresses, we don compile list of five sweet Nigerian maternity dresses for you.

Before we continue, we go like make you know important facts about clothes and accessories wen you get belle:

  • Gynaecologists no advise make you dey wear high heels
  • You no suppose put your pikin for risk; you fit look good if you wear quality flat sole shoes
  • Apart from shoes, you fit jazz up your outfit with belts, necklaces, bags, earrings and stylish hairdos

Na our list of Nigerian maternity dresses be dis

1. Off-shoulder Ankara Maternity Dresses

Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

Dis timeless design no just dey classy only; e dey elegant too, especially for women wey get belle. Whether na your knee e reach or na de one wey dey drag, off-shoulder maternity dress no dey ever disappoint.Shuga talk sey - off shoulder, maternity dress dey nice if you fit try pair am with beautiful sleeves and finishing wey clean.You fit wear dem with comfortable high-quality shoes or sandals.

2. Ankara or Vlisco empire waist dress

Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

Shuga talk sey- she love dresses with empire waists because na de latest fashion be dat and dem dey fine. She dey always recommend dat kain dress whenever she meet woman wey get belle wey don tire to dey find Nigerian maternity dresses, styles, trends and comfort for Google’. She go tell dem make dem try Ankara or Vlisco gown wey get overstated waist.De beauty of dese dresses dey show wella if you pair am with slim belts wey dem make from textile, faux fur or leather. Choose color wey match de patterns on de material and you don set be dat.

3. Trapezium dresses

Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

If you dey find classy style wey you fit wear during de third trimester, no look further. Trapezium dresses na one of dem Ankara maternity styles of de year wey still dey trend.- Your trapezium dresses, you fit sew am as off-shoulder, a halter neck or whichever style match your appearance. Shuaga sey she like am because e fine and fit different occasion.
If na comfort dey de top for your list of wetin you dey consider when you wan buy Nigerian maternity dresses, den you suppose consider trapezium dress.

4. Layered dresses

Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

Dress wey get different fold on top fold make sense for women wey prefer to hide how big dem belle be.Shuga talk sey- na Ankara or Vlisco dresses wey dey in layers be de most common of all Nigerian maternity dresses. You fit flaunt as your body take be and you go still hide de biggy belle”Dese dresses dey make women wey get belle look graceful. But on top dat, de dress allow your body to breath as you dey move around freely.

5. Elegant maxi dresses

Nigerian Maternity Dress: Wetin You Suppose Look For

Enjoy your pregnancy as you dey slay with your elegant maxi . Just as e be for de layered dresses, maxi sundresses dey loose and free.Shuga talk sey- de elegant maxi dress na one of her personal favorites. She like am because na one of dem styles wey you still fit wear after you don born. True true, you fit reduce de length and size when you don lose weight.If you want trendy Nigerian maternity dresses wey dey easy for you to convert into light cocktail number, den you suppose consider to make elegant maxi sundress.Nigerian maternity dresses boku for ground, and you fit choose different styles, trends and comfort accessories wey go make you look good. You no suppose look dull and drab just because you dey expect pikin- e nor gel.If you like bright colours, den you suppose go for vibrant Ankara, Vlisco or Kente materials. Most of dem fashion expert recommend materials wey get background with soft soft colour and spots of bright colours.No go drop your good looking appearance until you don born your pikin. Feel free to add beta maternity dresses for your wardrobe.

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun