Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Your relationship with your Mother-in-law is a special one. These tips will help you learn diplomacy in your relations with your Nigerian mother-in-law.

We have to tell you, not every Nigerian mother-in-law is a Patience Ozokwor like AfricaMagic tells us. Even then, having to daily answer to your mother-in-law can be really tasking. Especially when she lives with you, right there in your matrimonial home. So how do you successfully co-exist with her under the same roof without causing any friction?

Here's How To Get Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Establish Boundaries

Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Decide on how you want your home to be run. Once you have that picture, ensure you establish some boundaries and let your mother-in-law know. This will help prevent issues of friction later on.

Overlook and Compromise

Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

These two words will work a magic in your home if you use them well. When you're upset, rather than lash out, reason things through.  Overlook the petty little things, but he sure to hold on to the crux of the issue. However, ignoring a few things and compromising a little is great for overall family peace. Also, your maturity levels will shoot up.

Take A Stand

No, not at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival. Be extremely kind, but be quite firm too. Refuse to be manipulated or taken for granted. Take your stand respectfully. Make sure you respectfully tell her about the things you like and the ones you don’t. This will help enhance mutual respect in your relationship.

Don’t Complain

Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Women often tend to complain about their in-laws to everybody, especially their husbands. But this does no good. Instead, more often than not you’ll have your husband supporting his mother. So just quit the complaining. Rather, take charge of the matter and try your best to sort it out so it no longer troubles you.

Reduce Your Expectations

While it is amazing to share a  mother and daughter relationship with your mother-in-law, it is not always the case. Unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointments. Protect your heart.

Remove The Middle Man

Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Direct discussions are the best way to resolve matters. A middle man will only escalate the misunderstandings. If you’ve got a problem, talk it out directly and respectfully. Don’t tell your husband to solve the problem for you.

Share the Responsibilities

Tips For Getting Along With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Most women feel threatened by the other woman in their son’s life. They think she's slowly but surely taking their place. This leads to clashes that arise from the responsibilities that the mother-in-law just won’t give up. The best way to avoid these squabbles is to share all responsibilities. Map out a proper work plan so no one feels wasted or overworked. And since she's older, we suggest you let her take up her favourite tasks. It will also help satisfy her ego and put you in her good books.

Keep her out of your marriage

Mothers will always side their sons no matter what the problem is. Make sure you keep her out of your marital issues.

Remember you also will be a Nigerian mother-in-law someday. Let that realization guide your actions.

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