These Nigerian parents memes are so relatable!

These Nigerian parents memes are so relatable!

Which of these memes remind you of your Nigerian parents?

Nigerian parents have a lot in common and their hilarious and savage replies are some of them. So if you grew up in Nigeria, or were raised by Nigerian parents, you will probably be able to relate with these Nigerian parents memes. Enjoy yourself and have a laugh.

15 hilarious Nigerian parents memes

There are hardly any Nigerians who would not recognise their parents in these memes below.

  1. Hairstyles:

hairstyle meme

To most Nigerian fathers, you will look like a mad man if you ever return home with one of those crazy young boys' hairstyles. Do you want to look smart? Shave everything off. If your parents are not scary enough, consider SARS


  1. Money:

when mum borrows money meme

If you ever lend your mother money, just forget about it. Ask for the money and that's the perfect time to remind you that she carried you for nine months. She might even top that with a question: can you pay me for all the food you've been eating in this house?


  1. Remote:

pass me the remote meme

If either of your parents has never called you from downstairs to get them the remote that's sitting right next to them, your parents are not Nigerians.


  1. Dishes:

wash more dishes meme

Growing up in a Nigerian household, most of us believed that our parents didn't like to see us resting. Almost done with the dishes? Well, here's some more for you.

  1. Stupid questions:

where do i put this meme

Your stupid questions will receive even more stupid answers.

  1. Holidays:

kep studying nigerian parents meme

To show that you're more serious than the kid next door, that you deserve the school fees they pay, you must carry your books around and read all the time. Even during the holidays.

  1. Storage:

egusi in icecream meme

Oh, the disappointment when you open an ice cream container in the refrigerator hoping to lick some ice cream, only to find thick egusi soup in it. Yep, Nigerian mothers will do that to you.


  1. I'm an adult now. No, you are not.

maturity meme

Talking about your rights just because you turned 18 is a complete waste of time. You can have rights when you start paying your school fees and build your own house.

  1. Glasses:

how parents hear you

In this part of the world, your father will remove his glasses when you say something shocking, then ask you to repeat so he can hear you well. While your mother will remove her glasses so that she can smell whether the food you're cooking in the kitchen is burning.

  1. Proud father:

when nigerian parents are proud of you

You know your father is proud of you when you get that look, but will he ever say it to you? Never! Instead, any amount of money you ask for that day, you'll get it double.

  1. Watching the news:

still watching the news

Usually, immediately our fathers step into the living room we flip to a news channel and leave the room. Think you can return and change the channel after he's fallen asleep on the sofa? Think again. He will wake up, ask you to flip back, and then go right back to sleep.

  1. Talking back:

black parents meme

Nigerian parents will go: are you keeping quiet when I'm talking to you? Then when you start talking, if you're lucky they go: my friend keep quiet when you're talking to me! If you're unlucky, they call an emergency family meeting and tell everybody that you're talking back at them now because you've grown wings.

  1. It's fashion!

oversized clothes

Nigerian parents will go ahead and knowingly buy you clothes that you're swimming in. When you complain they tell you that they didn't have nice things like these in their time. Frankly, you are expected to grow into it.

  1. Warnings:

you are doing yourself nigerian parents memes

To Nigerian parents, whatever you do, you're doing yourself and not them. Then you're left wondering why they're so visibly pained.

  1. Behaviours:

brags about you in public Nigerian parents memes

They tend to be harsh in their judgements, but only at home. Just when you think they haven't been noticing all your best behaviours, you're pleasantly shocked to hear them aptly praising you to strangers outside.

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