Hilarious! Nigerian Parents Vs American Parents

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On this edition of the battle of the parents, we bring you Nigerian parents versus American parents. The gap in parenting is as wide as the Atlantic ocean.

There's no denying that parenting styles differ from culture to culture. From time to time, we'll be comparing parenting styles to highlight differences, and also give you a laugh or two while we're at it. In this article, we've put Nigerian parents versus American parents. Grab a drink and have a laugh, will you? And yes, may the best parents win.

Nigerian parents versus American parents: Some hilarious points

You've got this

Hilarious! Nigerian Parents Vs American Parents

American parents give motivational pep talks to help you do better at school. Nigerian parents idea of a pep talk is to tell you how you were born, and threaten you into making good grades.

You don't have a choice

Hilarious! Nigerian Parents Vs American Parents

American parents will leave you to make your career choices. They'll only guide you. Nigerian parents will force you to read their dream course. The one they would've loved to study but couldn't, because there must be a lawyer in the family. God forbid your choices stand in the way of their dreams.

High tech? No tech!

There's no techy bone in a Nigerian parent. They'll buy an iphone, but they will rely on you to either teach them how to operate the phone, or they will call you when they need to send a text. American parents are techy all right. No questions there.

I command you!

nigerian parents versus american parents

With Nigerian parents, decrees are issued and they can never be contested, not in this life time and the one after. American parents will always let you have your say.


nigerian parents versus american parents

With American parents, discipline involves probably a few minutes of time out. Worst case, you're banished to your room, where you can watch a movie, read a book, basically continue living your best life. But if your Nigerian parent decides to punish you, the world just might end that day. You'll go from corporal punishment to losing phone privileges for a month.


nigerian parents versus american parents

Ask your American parents for an allowance, your request may endure some scrutiny but the money will eventually come through. Ask your Nigerian parents for an allowance, you'll quickly be reminded how they allowed you come to this world, how they allow you eat their food. That's all the allowance you need, so you best be grateful.

Let's have a talk

Hilarious! Nigerian Parents Vs American Parents

When your American parent says they want to talk to you, you know you'll have a talk that features all the components of a healthy conversation. There will be listening and speaking from both parties. Let your Nigerian parent call you for a talk. What they actually mean is a shouting match, with only one person doing the shouting. This person of course is your Nigerian parent. If for some reason you dare shout back, or even speak, you will live to regret that decision. You best take your shouting in silence.

I'm sorry, honey

Hilarious! Nigerian Parents Vs American Parents

Nigerian parents never tell you they're sorry. Sure, they'll buy you ice cream, cook your favourite meal, try to crack a dry bar joke or two. They'll even give you money if they're feeling really guilty. But they will never actually utter the words, I'm sorry. American parents on the other hand, were born to say sorry to their kids.

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