Nigerian Pastors: Make Pipu Dey Shine Dia Eye As Dem Dey Go Church

Nigerian Pastors: Make Pipu Dey Shine Dia Eye As Dem Dey Go Church

Nigerian Pipu dey religious well well. Na betta thing make yu go church go worship God but while yu dey go church, e good make yu shine yur eye. No forget sey dese our Nigerian Pastors so, na men before dem be Pastors.

Nigerian Pastors Suppose Be Like Safe Haven

Nigerian Pastors: Make Pipu Dey Shine Dia Eye As Dem Dey Go Church

D whole idea wen make pipu dey go see Pastor na wen dem get problem wen dem no fit solve by demself. But instead, Nigerian Pastors all ova d world don take am as dia right to take molest and abuse boys, girls and even women wen dey dia chuch. Dem fit do am for Nigeria, com escape di law, but any body wen try am abroad must serve him punishment.

D numba of cases where yu go hear say one Nigerian Pastor abuse him member plenti for obodoyibo. You go fit see some of d cases for here.

Pipu suppose dey run go Nigerian Pastors as safe haven, but now, na d opposite be d case.

Nigerian Pastors

Nigerian Pastors accused of abuse

South African Broadcasting Corporation 3 (SABC3), don report sey police for South Africa don receive plenti petition sey one Nigerian Pastor wen dey Durban,  don abuse plenti small girls wen dey him church for him house. Police don talk sey dem wan arrest am but d Pastor don dey hide.

Nigerian Pastor and wife dey convicted sey dem rape 6 girls and dem sodomise boy for 20 years

Dis particular case just tell una sey e bad sey Nigerian Pastor  wen dey Birmingham for di United Kingdom dey involved for dis kind atrocity. D part wey go amaze una inside dis matta na sey him wife sef follow join am dey do dis bad thing.

Na im be sey, if pipu no fit trust dem Pastor, dem no go fit trust dem wife join sef.

Birmingham Crown Court find am guilty. Dem say he don rape seven children for inside time span of 20 years.

Nigerian Pastors: Make Pipu Dey Shine Dia Eye As Dem Dey Go Church

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Pastor accused of abusing children who fled Boko Haram

Anoda case na d one wen happen for Benin, Nigeria. Dis one sey he wan use him ministry take help refugee dem wen run from Boko Haram.

But instead make he use him position take help pipu, he see am as avenue to take molest young children.

One of d former workers for him church talk sey di first impression wen yu go get about dis Pastor na say he dey quiet; He no be like person wen go fit hurt fly. Some of dese pipu accuse am of physical abuse while odas accuse of of sexual molestation. De rate wen African Parents take put trust on top Nigerian Pastors dey very alarming. Dem dey molest pikin inside him papa house not to come talk of outside.

Wetin come bad inside dis matta be say even if yur pikin come tell you sey one man of God touch am for him/her private part, some parents go beat dia pikin sey dem dey lie on top Pastor head.

Becos of d fear wen dem go don put for pikin bodi, e go come dey hard make dem come house tell yu wen be dia parents sey dat kind thing happen.

Wetin parents suppose do

  • Teach yur pikin how to say no if pesin try to touch am for him private part
  • Tell am say make him come tell you sharp sharp if anybody try to touch am for dia – anybody o. Whether na uncle, aunty, pastor.
  • Make parents dey watch dia pikin for signs of sexual abuse
  • Make parents try to be friends to dia pikin so dem go fit tell dem anytin wey dey happen to dem

Government must put law against dese kind thing.

We sabi sey e get were Nigerian legal system fit do reach, but make dem try more. Nigerian Pastors no be God, so dem no suppose dey above d law.

Make gofment help common pipu get justice wen dem experience dis kind tin from Nigerian pastors dem hand and make pipu sef dey shine eye. If sometim no be like say e dey right, and yur common sense dey tell you say e no dey right, e fit be say true true e no dey right o.

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Anino Aganbi