Here's Everything You Should Know About A Nigerian Pre-Wedding Shoot

Here's Everything You Should Know About A Nigerian Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding pictures in Nigeria have become even more popular than wedding cards! Couples now inform their family and friends about their upcoming wedding by putting out beautiful photos. A lot more people will hear about your wedding if you take cute pictures with your fiancé and put them online. A Nigerian pre-wedding shoot is the new way to share your big news.

Why do you need to organize a Nigerian pre-wedding shoot?

Nigerian pre-wedding shoot

You can’t go a day on Facebook or Instagram without seeing beautiful pre-wedding pictures in Nigeria. Photographers and other wedding vendors are making so much money from the wedding industry. But why are people spending so much money on clothes and photographers for the perfect picture? Here’s why Nigerian pre-wedding shoots have become a trend!

1. It’s easier to reach people via social media

Back in the day, you had to print wedding cards to invite guests. You risked offending longtime friends and close family members if you forgot to go to them and present the card and a bottle of wine. Think of all the hard work it took to walk from one end of the town to the other just to drop off your wedding cards with people you were inviting.

Nowadays, all you need to do is post your pre wedding pictures on your Facebook with your wedding dates, and you will reach thousands of people with very little effort.

2. It is a great way to introduce your fiancé to the whole world

You know how Nigerians like to do everything on the low? This means that people could date for years, but only a few people will be aware of the relationship. When the couples get engaged, the easiest way to make the formal introduction is through the pre wedding pictures.

Your guests don’t have to meet the love of your life for the first time at your wedding.

3. Nigerian pre-wedding shoots are cute!

Okay, admit it. You want a pre wedding picture because they are lovely. You and your fiancé get to wear the same T-shirt and jeans in photographs. Later, you guys could even change into matching his and hers asoebi.

4. It is a fun way to showcase your personality

You’ve probably seen pre wedding pictures in Nigeria where the couple put on some fancy costumes and take pictures together. Some would even put on clothes to show their profession or their hobbies. You can dress up with your significant other and showcase your personality!

How to plan a Nigerian pre-wedding shoot

Nigerian pre-wedding shoot

Now that you have decided to go ahead and take some beautiful pictures with your significant other, here are some things you need for your photo session.

A nice location

A nice location will really bring your picture to life. You can set the picture in a park so that nature becomes a backdrop. You can also use a restaurant with nice décor as your location. Better still, you can take many pictures and use as many locations as you can!

Beautiful his and hers clothes

Monogrammed T-shirts and pre wedding pictures in Nigeria go hand in hand. Buy high-quality T-shirts and have them customized for your photo session. You can write phrases like “She’s mine” on your fiancé’s T-shirt while he writes a phrase like “I’m hers” on his own shirt.

If you want many pictures, consider buying ankara material for both of you. Find a great tailor to give you beautiful styles and then take pictures dressed in the same material.

The evening wear shot also makes for a great pre wedding picture. The man could wear a suit and tie while the woman wears a beautiful evening dress.

Professional makeup

A makeup artist will give you a face beat that will highlight your best features. Even if you love putting on your makeup yourself, you should use the services of a pro for your pre wedding pictures in Nigeria. You can even negotiate different makeup looks for each outfit change.

There are lots of affordable artists around, so check through your social media feed and maybe you’ll find someone whose vision matches yours.

A creative photographer

Your photographer has to believe in your vision! Find someone who won’t argue with you when you suggest something to them. Photography is very important for your pre wedding picture because if it isn’t done right, you could end up wasting your time and your beautiful outfit.

How to share your pre wedding pictures in Nigeria


So, your photographer has edited and sent back your pictures, and you’re wondering how you can get the word out. The trick is simple! You can get your photos to go viral by doing the following:

Upload them on social media

Get your pictures up there on Facebook, Instagram and on your WhatsApp status. Tag as many friends as you can. Your friends will help you share your good news!

Send the pictures directly to friends

When your friends receive the pictures, they will help you share it on their own social media, which will help reach even more people.

Send them to Nigerian wedding blogs

Wedding blogs usually have lots of followers, so if you send your pre wedding pictures in Nigeria to them, you’re sure that lots of people will see it. Don’t forget to ask the blogs to tag you in the pictures. That way you can grow your followership while promoting your wedding.

A wedding in Nigeria without pre wedding pictures? You need this guide if you want to take pictures that will be the talk of the town!

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