5 Most Popular Nigerian Superstitions About Bad Luck

5 Most Popular Nigerian Superstitions About Bad Luck

If you're Nigerian, you're not a stranger to hearing superstitions. You probably grew up hearing them over and over. You know those things your grandparents enjoy telling you. Those stories that have no factual basis, just something to scare you enough to make you stay in line. And if you're social-media- savvy, you are well acquainted with your village people, and their expertise in keeping us all on our toes. Nigerian superstitions are not founded on any theory, other than the theory of fear. We're no longer afraid of them, but we like hearing them anyway, for laughs. Here are some of the very popular ones you might have heard before, about bad luck.

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Check Out These Popular Nigerian Superstitions

  • If somebody crosses over your body, you will stop growing. There are many variations to the crossing superstition. Some people believe that if a stubborn or bad person crosses over a pregnant woman, she will have a stubborn baby. Some people also say that a pregnant woman will have a baby who looks like her crosser. We're not exactly sure what inspired this superstition, but we don't want you to lose any sleep over it.
  • We're not sure the exact origin, but there's a popular Nigerian superstition that a broken mirror is equal to 7 years of bad luck for the breaker. This means that if a mirror accidentally slips out of your hands, you'll have not one or two, but seven years of ill luck! This is yet another very unfounded superstition, but we can laugh at it and move on.
  • The wall gecko with its luminous skin, is a mythical creature in Nigerian superstitionism. It features in its very own superstition. One that says that if you kill a gecko in your home, bad luck will befall every occupant of said home. Another variation says that the house in which a gecko is killed will collapse. The Yoruba call the wall gecko - 'omo onile' which loosely translated means 'son of the house owner'.

There's More! See More Hilarious Nigerian Superstitions

  • When your left foot hits a rock, superstitious Nigerians will say more than "sorry". They'll tell you how you will die if you do not make a U-turn and return to your house. They believe that hitting your left foot against a stone is a sign that evil lurks on that journey. There may be some truth to it, but we don't know one person who died because their left foot hit a stone. Adversely, hitting your right foot against a stone will bring you some good luck. Remember this the next time you take a walk.
  • Selling on credit first thing in the morning will cause bad luck the whole day. Generally, people believe that your first action of the day will affect the whole day. So they've applied it to business. So if you're going to owe your vendor, be sure to do so in the afternoon and not first thing in the morning.

If we've given you reasons to smile today, you're welcome. What's your most hilarious Nigerian superstition? Share with us in the comments.

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