11 Reasons Why Nigerians Are The Best

11 Reasons Why Nigerians Are The Best

Nigeria needs no introduction. She's the most populous black nation in the world, the seventh in the world, after India and China. is the most populous black nation in the world and the seventh most populous in the world. She has the third largest number of youth in the world. She's as rich in human resources as she's rich in mineral resource. Some people like to call her the giant of Africa, and we're about to tell you why we think her people, Nigerians are the absolute best in the world.

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Nigerians are resilient people

11 Reasons Why Nigerians Are The Best

We have seen it all but when it comes to resilience, Nigerians do not lose their humor, cool and joviality even in the face of hardship.  It is in Nigeria that ugly situations are turned to be dramatic, little wonder we were once called the ‘happiest people on earth’.The drama, fun and laughter never stops for a Nigerian.

Arable Land


80% of the land in Nigeria is arable. The soil is rich and great at growing things, maybe that’s why Nigerians “grow” well and thrive outside the shores of the country.

Mineral and Oil resources

So, Nigeria discovered oil in the 1980s and has large deposits of gold, coal, silicon and various natural minerals. You would think it’s a paradise already, yes? Well, actually, no. Because Nigeria’s only natural disaster are its leaders, who haven’t steered the Nigerian ship right since independence in 1960.


Being the most populated black nation on the earth isn’t a title Nigerians take lightly. It is believed 1 out of every 5-black person in the world is a Nigeria. When you couple this with the fact that Nigerian population is a youthful one, you realize the future is Nigeria, if we can only get our acts together.

Entertainment and Fashion

11 Reasons Why Nigerians Are The Best

So, you know how there is that one uncle on your street everybody loves to go to his house to hang out? Yep, that is Nigerian music and movie entertainment (Nollywood) for you. The music and movies are consumed on the African continent, the Caribbean and practically round the world. Nigerians are the most fashionable people in Africa.

Culture and Tradition


Nigerians are a diverse lot, with more than 300 tribes and languages. This diversity helps create the beautiful cultural experience and vastness in Nigeria. It is unique and special.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

11 Reasons Why Nigerians Are The Best


We create business out of nothing and survive the worst economic recession because we are smart entrepreneurs. This is why we see small businesses flourish from that tiny hut in a remote village to the companies around the country.. We are not afraid of work and love to excel.



Despite the widely circulated negative narrative, Nigerians are a hospitable people. They will always show concern for your well-being.


The various kingdoms have a rich history of arts and crafts that keep visitors intrigued. From the Benin kingdom, Ile-ife, Nupe to the Northern and Eastern states.



Nigeria has produced some of the best sporting heroes of the African continent. From track and field heroes to footballing heroes, we love our sports.


In every field they enter, Nigerians thrive and excel. We have great authors (even a Nobel laureate), well known physicians, mathematicians etc.

The Nigerian spirit is a “can do” one and gives little room for failure or excuses and they remain the best on the African continent.


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