How To Prepare On The Night Before A C-Section.

How To Prepare On The Night Before A C-Section.

Your due date is close and you are making preparations for delivery. There are a few things to do on the night before c section to make sure you are ready.

The night before a C-section can feel like you're existing in a vacuum, unsure of what to do with yourself exactly. In between everything else is a mixture of foreboding and anticipation of your newborn. A lot has been written about surgeries, what could go right or wrong, but not nearly enough about what to do the night before a C-section. 

A Cesarean section (C-section) is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby in which an incision is made through the abdomen into the uterus and the baby is lifted out. Though a C-section can be unexpected, as long as you know your due date you shouldn't rule out the possibility of a C-section. 

According to Dana Sullivan, a three-time C-section veteran and co-author of The Essential C-Section Guide (Broadway Books), says, “Unexpected or not, there's no reason a C-section has to be a totally negative experience, Knowing how to prepare for and "personalize" a C-section can make the surgery less traumatic and help speed recovery.”

What to do the night before a C-section 

what to do on the night before c section

Here are a few things you could be doing the night before your C-section: 

  • Take inventory 

Chances are your bag is already packed with everything you might need at the hospital the night before the surgery. So head to that bag and recheck if you packed everything you might need. This you don't forget anything at home. 

  • Reconfirm arrangements with the hospital

     The night of a C-section is almost like any other arrangements you've had to make in your life. Dial the hospital for confirmation. Especially if your C-section is in the early hours of the following morning and you've been arranging to “personalize” your surgery. Confirm if with the hospital if you want your partner or any other relative in the room. Also, confirm with the person coming over to help you with recovery.

  • Prepare mentally

Take some time to acknowledge your baby's imminent arrival. Discuss the upcoming birth with someone. It can be your partner, a relative or a friend. You can even take a quiet time to talk to the baby and try to reconnect. Also, you may organise a little ceremony, light candles in the baby's honour. 

  • Stay empty

stay prepared on the night before c section

Most hospitals remind you about this a day before the surgery. But if they don't have it somewhere in your mind. Do not eat or drink anything 8 to 12 hours before surgery. 

  • Set the alarm 

The night before your C-section you might be worried, afraid and expectant and every other thing in between. So it might be hard to find sleep at first. And when you sleep late you might sleep past your scheduled time. Planned C-sections are usually scheduled for early in the morning. Since the mother isn't allowed to eat anything the night before, it only makes sense to get it over with. 

It is important to prepare for the unexpected, even if you're planning a natural birth. Don't just rule it out. Discuss the possibility with your doctor so that if it does come to it you can adjust accordingly. 

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Written by

Lydia Ume