Ohio's Antiabortion Bill Demands That Doctors Re-implant Ectopic Pregnancies

Ohio's Antiabortion Bill Demands That Doctors Re-implant Ectopic Pregnancies

Ohio has introduced an antiabortion bill which demands that doctors reimplant ectopic pregnancies or face jail time. However, this is medically impossible.

Ohio introduced an antiabortion bill ordering doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancyies or be ready to face abortion murder charges. The Guardian calls it “one of the most extreme bills to date for a procedure that does not exist in medical science.”

Ohio introduced antiabortion bill ordering doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancies

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To understand why the Guardian called it one of the most extreme bills, here is what you need to know. An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy where the foetus grows outside the womb. Usually, a woman requires immediate medical attention if this happens. As a result, the doctors will need to remove the baby as quickly as they can. This is to preserve the woman's life and her chances of getting pregnant again. But with such a bill, what Ohio is saying is that any doctor with an ectopic pregnancy case will have to put the baby back into the woman's uterus.



However, even if you choose to ignore the huge risk to the woman's life, the procedure is medically impossible. In fact, this is the second time experts have tried to tell the Ohio legislators that the idea is currently medically impossible. Yet, Ohio legislators are persistent with this bill. Failure to do what the bill says means doctors will face a murder charge. In addition to punishing doctors, the bill completely bans abortion, defining a fertilised egg as an “unborn child”. Women and 13-year-old girls will also be punished if they have an abortion. According to the bill, such a crime is punishable by life in prison.



The first time Ohio introduced this bill in May, Dr Daniel Grossman argued on Twitter that it is impossible to reimplant. He called it “pure science fiction,” arguing that ectopic pregnancies cannot be “reimplanted” into the uterus. Hence, he suggested removing the bill since it is pure science fiction.

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