Olive oil for baby massage: how to massage a baby

Olive oil for baby massage: how to massage a baby

Are you planning to use olive oil for baby massage? Here’s why your baby will love you for it!
A massage helps your baby to relax. It also helps to soothe any pain. Most importantly, massaging your baby helps to create a bond between mother and baby. A great masseuse works her fingers, knees, fists, elbows, sometimes feet, all over the body, leaving the recipient feeling super-light and stress-free. A good massage will put the baby to sleep immediately!

olive oil for baby massage

Should You Use Olive Oil for Baby Massage?

Using olive oil for baby massage is good for your baby. A massage can help soothe a baby’s pain, especially when the infant is dealing with stomach pains after the umbilical cord falls off. A massage can put a restless child to a restful sleep.

There are different ways to massage a baby, but before we give you the details, there are a few things you should note:

• Wash your hands before you massage your baby. Good hygiene is important.
• If you’re using water, it will not hurt to add a little disinfectant to the water. Please note the word little. Too much disinfectant could irritate the baby’s skin.
• Massage your baby in a warm room. It is not advisable to expose delicate infants to cold places. So, always make sure the room is warm when you strip the baby for a massage.
• Before you start, get everything you need for the massage within arm’s reach: a bucket of warm water, kettle of hot water in case the one in the bucket gets too cold, towels, olive oil, powder, diapers, and a possible change of clothes, etc.
• Soft music will help. If you don’t have any soft music on your playlist, you can sing a soothing song or a lullaby.
• Is your baby in a good mood? Find out first. If she is hungry, she will not respond. If she just finished eating, she can throw up or cry because of indigestion. The only time you should massage a restless baby is when she is feeling pains.
• Whatever you do to a baby, do it gently. To be safe, do not use any part of your body other than your fingers to massage a baby because babies are delicate, and you don’t want to harm them during a massage. If you must use your fist, make it slow, soft, and soothing. Let your punch feel, to the baby, as if a muffler or fur is touching her. Also, your fingers must feel gentle against the baby’s skin.
• Do not take too much time to massage a baby. Make it snappy, quick and effective so that you can cover the baby up as soon as possible.

Different types of baby massages

1. The back rub: When the baby has just finished eating, carry the baby in a position where her head rests on your shoulder or your chest. Gently rub her upper back until she belches. Always remember to put a baby handkerchief where her mouth will rest lest she possets. Most babies doze off after this exercise and sleep for longer.

2. Umbilical cord pain relieving massage: Most babies feel pain in their stomach when the umbilical cord finally falls off. They cry uncontrollably and refuse to sleep. What you can do, before or after medication, is to lay the baby on your stomach so that your stomach is touching hers. Now, gently rub all parts of her back. You can also tap her gently and slowly while singing to her. The baby will fall asleep. Carrying her and walking up and down will only make things worse.

3. Tepid sponging: This one is usually done when a baby is running a high temperature. It entails giving the child a tepid water bath, or soaking your towel in tepid water and wiping her skin. If she is naked, bath her. If she is dressed, wipe her feet, arms, and neck. Unbutton her cloth and sponge her stomach and neck. You should also sponge her head as well.

While sponging her—that is wiping her body gently with tepid water—you can also use the opportunity to massage her in order to relax her from the stress of the fever. Dab her head gently as if you are a potter molding a clay pot. Wipe her body downwards. While wiping her feet, rub them with a towel as if you are squeezing them. Do the same for her ankle. Wipe as if you are drawing a circle on her ankle.

4. Full body massage: You have to completely strip the baby for a full body massage. Lay the baby on her stomach. Be sure to place a warm, thick piece of clothing on the bed so that you don’t wet the bed sheet with the olive oil for baby massage.

• Cover the baby with a wet, lukewarm towel from neck to feet. Rub your fingers up and down on her shoulders. Work your way down to her sole. Rub her sole with the warm towel, rub her ankle too as if you’re drawing circles on them. Raise the towel a little to her waist and massage her legs. Slide your hands down up and down her legs. You can cup her legs, one at a time, in your two hands and rub them gently.

• For her back, you can place your palms on it and gently rub in circles. Spread your fingers while your palms are still on her back and finger-scratch the baby gently. Please only scratch with the tips of your fingers when your nails are very short.

When you are done with the massage, remember to remove the towel, soak it in warm water and squeeze the towel to remove the olive oil for baby massage.

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Resource: Mayo Clinic

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