10 Profitable Online Jobs Fom Home For Moms in Nigeria

10 Profitable Online Jobs Fom Home For Moms in Nigeria

Stay-at-home moms in Nigeria often find themselves wondering how they can contribute to the family financially. For some women, childcare is paramount, so they have to stay home and take care of the home front. For other women, finding a suitable job might be impossible, hence the need to look into online jobs from home in Nigeria.online jobs from home

If you are wondering how you can make money without leaving your house, we have compiled this list of well-paying online jobs from home in Nigeria. The beauty of remote work from home is you can do it from anywhere. All you need is a constant internet connection.

Here Are 8 Online Jobs From Home For You

1. Freelance writing

You can make up to N150,000 every month from freelance writing. If you have the gift of turning out well-written articles and other kinds of online content, then this is a job option you can explore. All you need is a laptop computer, internet connection, and a decent power supply.

There are dedicated freelancing platforms where you can make money from freelance writing at home. You can register on Upwork, Fiver, or Freelancer. The trick is to make your profile appealing and ensure that you always deliver excellent service to your clients.

2. Social media manager

If you use social media, you would have noticed that big brands employ people to manage their social media pages. These people are called social media managers. Companies can pay you to post on their Facebook and Twitter handles. You may need to take some courses online to learn how to become a social media manager.

Thankfully, there are free and cheap courses if you take the time to research.

10 Profitable Online Jobs Fom Home For Moms in Nigeria

3. Cook and deliver food

The food business is booming in Nigeria. If you are a great cook, you could start a food business where you prepare and deliver the food to your clients in their homes and offices. This work from home jobs in Nigeria for moms is excellent because you don’t have to leave the house to take the meals to your clients. All you need to do is to partner with cheap delivery companies in your area and have them drop off the meals.

Getting customers can be as simple as advertising your food business online and distributing flyers in your neighborhood.

More Remote Jobs From Home For You

4. Buy and sell on eCommerce platforms

You can go to major markets like Balogun Market to buy goods and then resell these goods on eCommerce platforms like Jumia and Konga. To start your business, you will need to register as a vendor on these platforms, after which you can set up your online store.

Decide on what you want to sell (clothes, shoes, watches, kitchenware, etc.) and then find the capital to start your business.

5. Teach a skill

With the ongoing promotion of skills acquisition in the country, you can make a lot of money teaching other people the skills you have. Can you bake, cook, sew, make soaps and detergents or make jewellery? You can start a class for young people who want to learn these skills.

Your students will have to pay a registration fee, and if you happen to attract lots of people who are eager to learn, you can make so much money from this work from home jobs in Nigeria for moms.

10 Profitable Online Jobs Fom Home For Moms in Nigeria

7. Home tutor

Young people who are preparing to write the Joint Admissions Matriculations Board (JAMB) sometimes have to pay to get extra lessons. You can get paid for one-on-one tutoring, something those other mega lesson centres do not offer to the candidates. This can guarantee an extra income for your family.

Online Jobs From Home Are A Great Way To Achieve Work-Life Balance

8. YouTube Vlogging

YouTubers with lots of subscribers actually earn a living from their channels. You can join the ranks of online Vlogging stars if you have a skill you can teach to your subscribers.

The most popular niches to make money on YouTube are makeup; food, natural hair, lifestyle, beauty and health, and DIY tutorials. If you are good in any of these areas, then you may well be on your way to making money form online video content.

Nigeria has fully entered the ‘gig economy’ which means that lots of people are finding ways to make money outside of the traditional office setting. If you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs in Nigeria for moms; then this list will give you an idea of where you can start.

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