Oral Hygiene: See How Yu Fit Maintain Teeth For Covid-19 Lockdown

Oral Hygiene: See How Yu Fit Maintain Teeth For Covid-19 Lockdown

Dental hygiene dey veri important make yu fit keep for yu and yur famili. So, make yu try avoid dentist for dis covid-19 lockdown.

Now wen yu no dey commot and di shidren no dey go school, to take betta care of teeth fit no be yur numba one prioriri for now. Na im be sey, sometimes, yur shidren fit no even dey brush well.  Dr Tomisin Otolorin Oloko, wen be dentist who dey interested in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology,don tell us some ways wen we fit maintain betta oral hygiene for pikin teeth for dis coronavirus lockdown.

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Oral Hygiene For Pikin

Anybody wen dey in charge of pikin get betta role to play to fit make sure sey pikin get betta oral hygiene routine. Di thing be sey make dem fit undastand why.

  • Why dem need to brush teeth with toothpaste wen get floride? Becos e go prevent caviti and make dem teeth strong.
  • Why dem need to dey brush two time efiri day reach 2 minutes? Wen dem brush two times efiri day, e dey help dem reduce plaque wen germs dey use take make teeth spoil, so 2 minutes na di time wen e go take to take brush surface and clean tongue. Make we no forget floss wen dey clean between teeth, e fit take time but yu need am.
  • Why dem need to clean dia tongue? To commot germs wen dey make mouth smell.
  • Why dem no fit chop anything once dem don brush for night? So bacteria wen dey plaque no go fit survive for night.

If yur shidren sabi “why”, den dem go fit take betta care of dia mouth and teeth.

No forget say na age go fit determine di way wen yu go fit follow yur pikin talk about mouth hygiene  and any pikin wen neva reach 8 years still need make yu supavice him brushing.

Wen yur pikin dey brush, try make e dey interesting for dem. Yu fit motivate dem playfulli, especialli di ones wen still small. For example,yur toddler go like song wen talk about how to brush teeth while di olda ones fit like 2 minute timer wen dey colourful wen resemble mini hour glass.

Parents need to take advantage of dis time wen dem dey spend with dia shidren, make sure sey yu supervise dem as dem dey brush, make di way wen dem take dey brush dey interesting and den monitor d progress of yur house.

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Dental services for Covid-19 pandemic

Di onli reason why yu go need to go dentist for dis pandemic na if na emergenci. If no be so, abeg stay house make yu call yur dentist for phone if yu need advice.

Even if na emergenci, try call yur dentist befor yu rush go clinic. Dis one go make di dentist sabi wetin dy happen and he go fit make arrangement wen go suit di patient.

One adult suppose follow di pikin to fit make sure sey he take precaution like wash and sanitize hand.

Any case wen no be emergenci don postpone till later.

For now, na onli emergenci cases most dentist dey attend to. If dem must attend to yu, make sure sey all dem dey take precaution to protect yu and demsef. Make sure sef dem sanitize all di surfaces wen di virus fit take transfa.

So far no be emergenci, make all patients stay house and call dentist if yu need advice.

oral hygiene

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For pipo wen go fill dem teeth, di reason why di filling dey commot na because yu bite wetin dey hard, sometimes e fit be bone. So, try make yu no bite anything wen dey hard make yu no for go see dentist.


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