Orgasms during pregnancy: can it cause premature delivery?

Orgasms during pregnancy: can it cause premature delivery?

A staggering number of women never reach orgasm during sex. But for women who do reach the “Big O” the pleasure can become a source of worry during pregnancy. In most cases, sex during pregnancy is safe and most couples take advantage of the changes to get creative and find new amazing ways to pleasure each other. If you want to know if orgasms during pregnancycan cause premature delivery, you’ll have to understand what it means.

orgasms during pregnancy

What is an orgasm?

Some people call it ‘coming’ or a climax, but these are not the only names an orgasm has. An orgasm means to get a feeling of intense pleasure towards the end of sexual intercourse. This happens to both men and women, but there are stark differences between the male orgasm and the female orgasm.

For men, an orgasm comes with an increase in heart rate and labored, heavy breathing. Men also ejaculate when they climax. The female orgasm also features a faster heart rate and labored breathing, but it also comes with a release of sexual tension. Some women may ejaculate a clear, light fluid. Additionally, the female orgasm causes contractions in the abdominal and pelvic muscles, which can make some women wonder if orgasms during pregnancycan cause premature delivery.

Orgasms during pregnancy: should you or shouldn’t you?

The fear of orgasm during pregnancy is rooted in the fear that sex might harm the fetus or the mother. Both fears are valid, however, because pregnancy is a time when one has to exercise caution in almost everything.

Yes, sex during pregnancy is safe unless you have any of these issues:

• You have a history of miscarriages and are presently at risk of miscarrying
• You have a risk of going into preterm labour
• You’re expecting more than one baby—twins, triplets, etc.
• If your cervix opened earlier than expected in your pregnancy
• Your placenta hangs low inside the uterus
• Vaginal discharge or bleeding
• Abdominal cramps
• An amniotic sac that has leaked
• You or your partner has an STD

If you don’t have any of these issues, then your doctor or midwife might clear you to have sexual intercourse.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy sex can be amazing if you know how to navigate the changes you’re now experiencing. There are many wonderful benefits of sex during pregnancy. These benefits can temporarily block out your fear of orgasms during pregnancy. Some of the benefits are:

1. Better orgasms

Orgasms during pregnancy can be more intense and pleasurable than the woman has ever experienced. Some women who have never climaxed can experience it for the first time when they get pregnant. This is because the area around the vagina is now more sensitive due to the upsurge in hormones and other physical changes.

2. Deeper level of intimacy

Sex is one of the ways a couple can get intimate. This intimacy deepens when the woman is pregnant. Scientifically, the hormone oxytocin, which has been nicknamed the love hormone, can draw a couple closer to each other while also reducing their stress levels, anxiety and relieving the effects of depression.

3. Freedom to try new positions

During pregnancy, some sex positions will no longer be comfortable. Couples will now have to try new things in the bedroom to find what works for them. Experimenting can help to discover new ways of pleasuring each other.

orgasms during pregnancy

4. Sex works the muscles involved in childbirth

One of the ways to engage the muscles that will be used during delivery is to have sex. An orgasm during pregnancy will contract the pelvic floor muscles, making them stronger. This will prevent urinary incontinence and reduce the number of times a woman feels the pressing urge to pee.

5. Reduces blood pressure

Your diet and lifestyle can affect your blood pressure during pregnancy. That’s why doctors advise women to eat healthier meals during this time and find time to incorporate some exercise routines into their schedule. You can now include sex as one of the things that can keep your blood pressure stable.

6. Better sleep

For most women, sleeplessness begins long before they deliver. The frequent bathroom breaks and difficulty with finding a comfortable sleep position can make sound sleep impossible. The good news is that sex can remedy this problem. An orgasm during pregnancy leads to the release of the hormone prolactin, which can make you relaxed and sleepy.

Orgasm during pregnancy: can it lead to premature delivery?

According to the NHS, An orgasm during pregnancy will not hurt you or your baby. However, in the later stages, sex and orgasms can cause some Braxton Hicks contractions, which can be uncomfortable even though they are not harmful. If this happens, try to lie down and relax until it passes.

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