Tips For Papas To Be Wen Dia Wife Dey Labour

Tips For Papas To Be Wen Dia Wife Dey Labour

Yur survival guide for wen yu fit support yur wife wen she dey born!

Dr. Jazlan Joosoph,  specialist for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Raffles Women’s Centre dey advice men how yu fit stand by yur wife (no faint!) as yu dey welcome yur pikin come dis world. See some tips for papas to be.

Shey yu and yur wife dey expect una pikin? Yu don decide to stand by yur wife wen she dey labour?

But wait first, wetin happen to all dose horror tori wen yu don hia about  woman experience for labour?

See 10 tips wen go help yu focus on yur pikin birth as papas to be.

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10 Tips For Papas To Be

1. Dey prepared

Once yur wife discova sey she get belle, na im be sey yu sef don dey prepare to be papa.

So make yu take deep breath, yu get enuf time before yur wife go born to read about pikin. No worri, yu go be fantastic papa.

2. If na C-section, no look

Reason dey why yu choose doktor wen sabi him work. So siddon follow yur wife talk comfortabli, make dem fit do dia own work.

Words wen dey encouraging from yu go calm her nerves down.

3. Do yur homework about childbirth

Husband na di best birthing partna wen woman fit get. So make yu read on how to be birthing partna and attend class with yur wife.

Do efiri thing wen dey within yur power to dey strong for her. Try to dey supportive. No go faint becos di doktors dem no go get chance attend to yu.

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4. To born no be emergenci.

Rememba say yur wife dey in capable hands. So instead make yu be centre of attention, try make yu support and encourage yur wife.

5. No take things personalli

For heat of moment, wen yur wife dey serious pain, she fit throw heavy insults give yu.

Keep calm make yu recognise sey na pain cause am. And na becos of hormonal change for di last stage wen she dey born.

Try make yu no vex, she need all yur patience now.

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6. Code word – Episiotomi

Dis na code for " No look wetin dey happen". If yu dey faint wen yu see blood, yu no wan see wen dem dey do episiotomi.

7. Dey for di moment

To see di love of yur life dey bring yur pikin come dis world na true miracle. ANd dis no dey happen efiri day. So stop wetin yu dey do, make yu go follow yur wife experience dis miracle.

Make yu show pride and admiration for wetin yur wife just do.

8. Dey careful wen yu dey cut di umbilical cord

Dem trust most papas with cutting di umbilical cord. Dat na time for yur life wen yu no fit forget, so man up. No be time for yur fingers to dey shake.

So make yu dey careful wen yu dey cut di cord. E no easy like yu think am.

9. No dey disgusted wen yu see di birthing of di placenta

Preparation before time na im be di watch word hia. Make yu and yur wife read any materials about childbirth and watch video wen woman dey take born togeda.

Prepare yursef for wetin go come out afta yur pikin. Dis na di placenta and e no dey attractive like yur pikin.

10. Learn from pipo wen sabi wetin dem dey do

Yu go get plenti help from di nurses wen yu dey hospital. So no just siddon dia dere wow di way wen dem take dey handle yur pikin. Yu fit ask make dem show yu how yu fit hold yur pikin, burp and rock am, so yu fit help wen yur pikin don come house.



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