Parenting For Dummies: Useful Tips For The Accidental Parent

Parenting For Dummies: Useful Tips For The Accidental Parent

Parenting is extremely tough and rewarding, and you're never fully prepared for the challenges of being a parent. No one is. Not when you envision parenting as a part of your life. And certainly not when you never imagined that you would become a parent. At least not just yet. It's all fun and games until delivery is around the corner. And you're petrified because you don't know if you'll be a good parent. You can relax, because parenting for dummies has some helpful tips to tide you over.

Check Out Some Useful Tips on Parenting For Dummies

  • Relax

The job of being a parent doesn't come with an instructional manual. Who knew something so small and precious could make you feel so completely incompetent as a human being? You are not alone. Nearly every parent before you has felt this way at some point (they just didn’t tell you). It’s normal and it is okay.Everyone is simply making up rules as they go, and constantly tweaking them until they find what works for their family. In situations like this, you are bound to make mistakes. Nearly every parent does. Relax, and take each day at a time. As long as you're loving your kids and doing the best for them, you will do fine.

  • Be A Good Role Model

Kids learn a lot about how to act just by watching their parents. If your baby shouts excessively, chances are that she's watched you raise your voice severally. Good parenting begins with good parent behaviour. The younger they are, the more cues they take from you. Before you lash out or blow your top in front of your child, think about this: Is that how you want your child to behave when angry? Model the traits you wish to see in your kids: respect, friendliness, honesty, kindness, tolerance. Exhibit unselfish behavior. Do things for other people without expecting a reward. Express thanks and offer compliments. Above all, treat your kids the way you expect other people to treat you.

  • Know that no website can substitute for a hospital

This is the age of the internet and social media, where it is easy to google symptoms and find remedies. No matter what kind of information you need, you will find it and tons more on the internet. No matter how rich the internet is, it will never replace your doctor and his office. The first 5 years of a child's life are chock full of reasons to visit the hospital. Get real medical care. If you focus on science-backed information, you’ll make decisions with confidence, rather than fear or anxiety.

  • Join a positive community for support

Whether it is friends with children or church members, it is great to belong to a community of like minded parents,where you all can support each other.  It 

parenting for dummies

  • Don’t compare yourself to other families

Everyone does things differently. Your bestie, cousin, and next-door neighbor will all have different advice on what worked for them. You can listen to their advice and then do whatever you want with them, including totally ignoring them. Remember that you only know part of each other’s situations and everyone is different, so go easy on yourself and don’t panic if something isn’t working for you that worked for another.

  • Make Communication a Priority

Listen to your child. Watch and interact with them. Get to know your child and you do that by listening to them, learning their different cries, what they mean and how to interpret them.”  W 


What tips would you recommend for new new parents. Let us know in the comments.

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