Reason Why Paternity Leave Na Betta Thing

Reason Why Paternity Leave Na Betta Thing

Despite how many years wen social progress don dey working place, na women still dey carry d largest share of caring for dia pikin. Time don reach make we check am again!

For d past three years, two professors for sociology from Ball State Unifasiti and Ohio State Unifasiti don write some papers togeda about why e good make man dey take paternity leave. For inside dis paper, dem go dey research plenti famili for America. Dia research show sey wen man take paternity leave, he dey get betta relationship with him wife and shidren dem. Wetin come be d benefit of paternity leave so?

For Africa, paternity leave just be like dream wia some men dey. Dream wen yu no fit just put mind as e no go just come tru. Na wetin make us come write dis article with d hope sey our society go benefit from am. Wen we look d result of d research wen dese two scientist make, we go share some benefit of why e good make man take paternity leave.

Wetin Be D Benefit Of Paternity Leave?

the benefits of paternity leave

For dia recent paper wen dem publish for May 2019, Dr. Petts and Dr. Knoester see sey shidren wen dem papa take two weeks paternity leave afta dem born dem dey close to dia papa, even afta nine years don pass, wen yu compare dem with d ones wen dia papa no gree take paternity leave.  Inside research for parents wen don marry for paper wen dem dey write, d scientist dem see sey dis short time for paternity leave make divorce reduce, and still dey low years afta, even wen dia shidren don dey school.

D benefit wen dey to take paternity leave for d full family plenty sef-weda na from wen yu dey support yur pikin development abi na wen yu dey gain confidence for dis parenting so. See some benefits why e good to take paternity leave as research don prove am.

Confident parenting

One report wen dem call New Papa: Take Yur Leave; see sey d time wen papa and pikin dey use take bond during paternity leave dey improve d way wen he go use take care for him shidren as time dey go. Dis one mean sey d man na hands on parent, he dey do things for him pikin as papa dey concern. To be papa wen dey around for dat earli stage dey give lasting confidence to d way wen he dey give him pikin care, and e make am equal partna for dis parenting business. Evidence even show sey dis extra time wen papa and pikin dey use take bond dey lead to betta relationship as pikin dey old dey go.

D Benefit dey far-reaching and dey last long

the benefits of paternity leave

Paternity leave no just dey give yu time to bond with yur pikin. Study don show sey e dey get positive effect for pikin life as he dey grow. Unifasiti of Oslo see sey pikin wen dia papa take time off, get good performance for school.  OECD report don show sey pikin get both improved cognitive scores and mental health outcomes as dem dey grow old.

Relationship between d parents dey sweet

Pikin wen dem just born na plenti work; but wen na husband and wife dey take turns with am, dia relationship go dey stronger. One man wen dey wise share dis piece of fadahood advice. “Now I don appreciate wetin e take to be parent,” he sey. “Na just to help and support each oda.” According to research wen sociologist make, men wen take paternity leave get less chance to divorce.

Paternity leave dey gift new mother with help and rest

Research don show men wen dey support dia wife with pikin care dey increase her well being.  Plus, d chance sey she go enta depression afta she born go reduce. Plenti papas for "D New Dad: Take Your Leave" report talk sey na true.  Dem believe sey to take paternity leave na d best way to support yur wife during d emotional and physical recovery wen she dey make.

Papa dey happy with paternal bond
father and child

According to MenCare State of World’s Fathers report, men generalli dey happy and dem dey get less health wahala wen dem dey care for dia pikin(mental and physical). Some papa talk sey dat bond wen dem quick share with dia pikin improve dia mental health and change de way wen dem dey see life.

New York Times New Dad

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