Does Paul Okoye Love Twin Daughter Nadia More?

Does Paul Okoye Love Twin Daughter Nadia More?

There's no doubt that singing sensation Paul Okoye loves his children. But does he love his daughter more? Click to read more.

Singer, dancer and superstar Paul Okoye has a beautiful family. The proud husband and father doesn't hesitate to show off his beautiful family from time to time. One half of the now defunct singing duo, Paul is a father to three  children, Andre and twins Nathan and Nadia. As is expected, every loving father dotes on his children, and the "Reason With Me" crooner is no different.

Does Paul Okoye Love Twin Daughter Nadia More?

Born a twin himself, Paul Okoye and his wife were no doubt excited to be having twins themselves. Nathan and Nadia turned 2 earlier this month, and Super Dad took to social media to celebrate the twins. But does Paul Okoye have a softer spot for Nadia than Nathan? Let's see what Paul's Instagram feed has to show us.

Two weeks ago, the proud dad shared the video below. The video featured Nathan and Nadia dancing, amidst cheers from a voice resembling their mom's. Paul's caption read, "Attitude girl," with the hashtag Nadia.

See Video Below:

Another Instagram video from July 9th shows Nadia performing on the dance floor. Her Rudeboy daddy captioned it, "Nadia’s leg work ?? #birthday @nadiaandnathanokoye@tannkco @anita_okoye"

Paul Okoye shared yet another cute photo of Nadia in her father's studio in May. Even though the Fire Department singer's Instagram feed carries several posts of his family, eve so often there's a lone photo or video of Nadia. She's so cute, we're loving it.

Fathers' Brains Respond Differently To Daughters Than Sons

A study was published in the American Psychological Association's journal Behavioral Neuroscience. In the study, fathers with toddler daughters were more attentive and responsive to their daughters' needs than fathers with toddler sons to the needs of those sons. This was according to brain scans and recordings of the parents' daily interactions with their kids.

Fathers of toddlers also sang more often to their daughters and spoke more openly about emotions, including sadness, possibly because they are more accepting of girls' feelings than boys', according to the study. The study focused on fathers because there is less research about fathers’ roles in rearing young children than mothers.

Is There A Fatherly Bias With Raising Daughters?

As much as many parents would prefer to raise children in a gender-blind society, fathers will still encounter issues that are unique to daughters. Because of this, it seems inevitable that fathers will raise their daughters differently from the way they raise their sons. Being a father of daughters is different than being a father of sons. But it only means that dads need to double down on their care, attention and love. It seems Paul Okoye is perfect at all three.

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