Groundnut: Here's Why Your Heart Needs You To Consume More Peanuts

Groundnut: Here's Why Your Heart Needs You To Consume More Peanuts
Consuming peanut butter is good for health, which also includes keeping your heart in good shape. The following article shows how peanut maintains heart health. Most people are acquainted with the fact that peanut is a great supplier of protein, it also contains some other powerful nutrients.

Various studies have shown that peanuts and peanut butter contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are good for the heart. Do you see why you need to consume more peanuts?

Here are ways peanut maintains heart health:

1. Peanuts contain magnesium and potassium that help control your blood pressure (a major risk for heart disease). To control blood-pressure, consume unsalted peanuts.

peanut maintains heart health

peanut maintains heart health

 2. Peanuts contain substances that help protect the endothelium (inner lining of arteries), including arginine and phenolic compounds.  According to research, peanut improves the dilation and constriction of the inner lining of the blood vessels, preventing the stiffening effect.

healthy heart

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3. Most people think of diabetes and heart disease as totally unrelated problems. But the truth is, having diabetes increases your risk of developing and dying of heart disease. Research has shown that eating nuts and peanut butter are linked to a lower risk for type 2 diabetes.


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