Pikin development and milestones: Your 5-year-old

Pikin development and milestones: Your 5-year-old

Find out what your feisty five-year-old is going to amaze you with this month!

See yur smally o! He don realli big. Dis yur 5 year old pikin don  come dey more  independent pass last year,  He don turn talkative and na everi bodi he dey use make friend. D  rate wen him physical and cognitive growth dey take happen dey surprise yu.

Make we dey see d kind development milestone wen yu fit dey expect for dis yur 5 year old pikin.

*Bear am for mind sey no be all developmental milestones dem set inside stone, evri pikin go develop wen him own time reach. If yu dey worry about any part of yur pikin development, make yu go follow yur doktor talk.

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5 Year Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track?

Physical Development

Yur 5 year old pikin no be toddler wen dey clumsy again, he don dey show speed and agility, especially wen he dey run around outside or inside yur house. Him vision now na perfect 20/20. He go add close to 2kg to him weight and he go grow 6cm tall pass before.

No be just yur pikin gross moto skills dey develop, even him fine moto skills dey develop join. Make we torchlight yur 5 year old pikin development maker dis month.

  • Get betta coordination-- he fit make him limbs and bodi make dem work togeda.
  • Dey hop, skip and jump with betta balance
  • Ride tricycle
  • Fit balance on top one leg wen him eyes dey closed.
  • Fit start to dey grow him adult teeth.
  • Sabi use cutlery take chop well.
  • Dey hold him pencil well and he fit copi triangle
  • Fit use knife take spread any food wen dey soft.

By dis stage, yur pikin median height and weight suppose dey:

  • Boys
    - Height: 109.2 cm (43 inches)
    - Weight: 18.4 kg (40.5lb)
  • Girls
    - Height: 107.9 cm (42.5 inches)
    - Weight: 17.9 kg (39.5lb)


  • Carry yur pikin go beach or playground make he for fit get enuf space to take run round and even play join. Na dis be d best kine physical activity wen dey promote growth with health.
  • Encourage yur pikin make he dey dress by himself. To dey do buttons and pull zip up dey improve moto skills.
  • Teach yur pikin d correct way for am to take dey brush him teeth. Encourage am make he brush by himself even if yu go dey dia to supervise am.
  • Reduce d time wen he dey use take watch Tv or tablet., instead encourage am make he play more.
  • Wen yur pikin see new equipment for him playground, allow am make he learn how to take make those things work. Dis way, no be onli muscle group and betta work out he go get, he go come get self confidence join.
  • Help yur pikin boost him physical skill with games wen dey interesting. For example, allow yur pikin make he use one leg take balance for 20 seconds, even if na onli 10 seconds he come fit do.
  • Enrol yur pikin for betta swimming class if yu neva do so alreadi. Swimming na betta sport wen dey teach yu skills wen yu go take survive, and e dey give yur whole bodi serious work out.
  • Make sure sey yur pikin get enuf sleep as e dey veri important to him physical development. Yur pikin need at least 8-10 hrs of sleep for night.

When yu fit talk to doktor: 

If yur pikin:

  • No fit balance on top one leg pass 10 seconds.
  • Get problem wen he dey see or hia
  • Dey always fall when he dey run.
  • No fit hold pencil or cutlery.
  • No dey interested for running or any oda physical activity.

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Cognitive Development Of 5-Year-Old Pikin

Yur five year old pikin don dey curious and e wan sabi evri thing wen dey happen. Dis need wen yu pikin get to wan learn na sign sey yur pikin cognitive growth dey on point.

Yur Pikin go wan know how things dey take work. He go like to sort things out by dia size, shape and colour, dis one show how him brain dey process and sort items out by d different characteristics wen dem get.

Here na some of d oda cognitive developments wen yu fit expect for yur 5-year-old:

  • Undastand d concept of time.
  • Fit focus for task wen dey interesting for 10 minutes.
  • Dey recognise and fit tell yu d name of at least four colurs.
  • Fit count from one to ten and even more sef.
  • Dey recognise most if not all d alfabets.
  • Sabi animal names like "cat", "dog" and "fish"
  • Don fit to dey write him name, some alfabet and some numba.


  • No push yur pikin make he read and write if he neva readi for am. Yur pikin to do all dose things for him own time.
  • No expect hand writing wen neat or wen yu fit see yrt o. Praise yur pikin for any effort he put inside reading/writing.
  • Kontinu to dey read give yur pikin. Yu fit make dese reading sessions dey stimulating and interractive wen yu ask am question, also, make yu encourage yur pikin to show yu different shapes and colours inside him book.
  • Carri yur pikin go place like museum, park and oda places wen dey interesting. E go betta if dese trips dem dey fun and stimulating. Like if yu go park, teach yur pikin parts of trees or flowers.
  • Buy plenti puzzles give yur pikin make he use take play. E dey improve pikin cognitive skill well.

Wen yu fit see doktor

If yur pikin:

  • No fit count up to 10
  • Still neva sabi tell yu him name
  • Neva sabi how to identifi d names of colours.
  • Dey find am hard to concentrate on any work even if na small time.

They love to play at this age

Social and Emotional Development

Yur 5 year old pikin na d life of d parti and he like make he be d centre of attention. Him social skills don really improve dis past few years, now he just like to dey around pipu, make he dey follow him friends dem play.

For dis age, yur pikin fit even don get best friend and he go prefer make he dey follow him mates dem play instead make he play by himself. Yur small angel need yur love, attention, affection and approval. He go do things wen go fit please yu and go dey seek emotional reassurance from yu as yu still be d most important person for him life!

While d tantrums wen yur pikin been dey throw go don reduce/vanish, he fit still dey prone to emotional outburst once in a while complete with "E no dey fair" and stamping of him small feet. Dis dey okay since yu go notice sey dis kine behavior don dey reduce for d months wen dey come.

Wetin else yu fit expect from dis social and development area?

  • Yur pikin fit dey bossy, especially wen he dey play with him friends.
  • Dey willing to share him toys, even if dem be him favorite.
  • Fit tell small white lie , even if na just to please yu.
  • Once in a while, still like to play by himself.
  • Na serious talkative, and he fit talk d ear off anybodi wen readi to listen to am.
  • Love to dey commot, even if na just to follow yu go supamarket.
  • Dey enjoy to play with imaginary friends and fit even dey follow himself talk.


  • Na now be d best time for yu to dey organise playdates between yur pikin and him friends. Yur pikin go enjoy d company while he dey learn betta social skills wen dey important.
  • Make yur pikin undastand d importance of good manners. So even when he get one story wen he dey excited to tell yu, remind am make he no dey interrupt anoda person conversation. Teach yur npikin phrase like"excuse me, please".
  • While e dey normal if yur pikin dey bossy small, once yu see sey e don dey too much, follow am talk gentli why dat one no dey good. When na time for playdates, teach dem games wen everibodi go get chance to be leader.
  • Make yu always give yur pikin yur full attention wen he dey follow yu talk. If e get anoda thing wen yu need to do, no ignore yur pikin. Instead, tell am sey yu go come back to am.

Wen yu fit talk to doktor

If yur pikin:

  • Hate to dey follow oda pikin play
  • Prefer to dey around pikin wen old pass am.
  • Dey very aggressive wen he dey play(verbal/physically).
  • Still dey throw frequent tantrum like sey he be toddler.
  • No like to commot from house.
Speech and Language Development

Yur 5 year old pikin speech and capability don realli improve. Yu fit even think sey he no dey eva wan stop to dey talk and he fit talk about almost evrithing. No wonda, becos pikin dis age sabi reach 2000 words.

Here na some oda developments wen yu fit expect.

  • Dey hold conversations wen dey meaningful with anoda person.
  • Sabi tell story wen yu go undastand.
  • Fit read two or three letter words.
  • Strangers fit undastand am most times.
  • Don dey use future tense: "Make we go park tomorrow!"
  • Sabi use pronouns ("I", "me", "you", "he", "she" etc) correctly
  • Dey undastand and follow three-step directives wen yu give am. Example: "Abeg tell yur sista make she come down, wash her hand and chop night food."
  • Understand d sequence wen dey stories (wetin dey come first, next and last)


  • Encourage yur pikin make he tell yu about him day, no forget to ask am question afta.
  • Follow yur pikin play word game like  "I Spy".
  • Wen yu dey read give yur pikin, make yu dey point out some of d simple words as yu dey read. Na by dis yur pikin go fit match d sound and d look of words togeda wen go make am easy for am to read and write.
  • Allow yur pikin tell yu story afta yu read am finish. Dis one dey encourage d way yur pikin dey talk and him cognitive development, especially d last one becos yur pikin need to go him memory bank for am to fit tell yu d story.
  • Teach yur pikin new songs and rhymes.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin:

  • No fit make person undastand am at all
  • Nor dey follow oda pipu talk plenti
  • Dey get problem to undastand wen yu ask am question or direction.
  • Dey mix up him tenses
  • Dey forget wetin he don alreadi sabi.

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Health and Nutrition

E dey veri important make yur 5 year old get betta nutrition wen go help am boost him health and development, wen dey as important to am as rest and sleep. While yur pikin fit don stop to dey sleep for aftanoon, he still need like 9-10 hours of sleep for nite.

While yur pikin height and weight dey change plenti, and even fit dey affected by him genes, average pikin wen dey dis age fit weigh 18kg and he go dey 109 cm tall.

Na d amount of calorie wen boys and girls wen dey dis age suppose dey take be dis:

  • Boys: 1,660 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,555 Kcal/day

Typical meal wen get dis kind calorie fit include cheese sandwich and apple wen small,small bowl of chicken fried rice wen dem cook for house, small part of tuna paasta wen get cheese, 1 cup of milk.

To make things easy for yu, see wetin yur pikin suppose dey chop:


Yur 5 year old pikin need two serving of protein everi day(32.4g). Yu fit give am fish wen yu boil, one small bowl of mung beans or one egg wen yu boil.


He need 3 cups of fruit everi day (100g).  One cup of fruit dey equal one cup of fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, half (1/2) cup dried fruit, half (1/2) of a large apple, one eight or nine-inch banana, and/or one grapefruit wen no big or small. You fit give am chopped mixed fruits with cereal, or mixed fruits in yoghurt.

If yur pikin need fruit juice, den make yu make fresh juice for am wen no get sugar. Also, yu fit try fresh vegetable wen e dey possible. E go betta if yu use am with d skin make d fruit for get plenti fibre inside am.


By now, yur pikin need if e too small, two cups (100g each) of vegetables everi day. Try make yu dey give am fibre and vegetables wen dey rich for iron like spinach, carrots, beetroots.

Yu fit give am one cup of vegetables wen go come dey equal to one cup of cooked or raw vegetables, two cups of leafy greens wen dey raw, one large tomato, or two medium carrots.

Give yur pikin different kind vegetables wen get many colour everi week like dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy and others. Wen yu dey select vegetables wen dey canned or frozen, make yu find d one wen get low sodium.


Introduce if e too small, four ounces of grains for yur pikin food. One ounce of grain dey equal to one slice of bread, one cup of cereal wen dey ready to eat, or half cup of pasta wen dem don cook or cereal wen dem cook.

Yu fit pick from different kind grain like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, or brown or wild rice. But no forget to reduce grain wen dey refined like white bread, pasta and rice.


For dis age, yur pikin suppose dey take if e too small minimum of 17 to 20 ounces of milk a day.

Yu fit dey use oda things take replace milk like one cup of yogurt or soy milk , 1½ ounces of natural cheese (around the size of four stacked dice), or two ounces of processed cheese (around the size of five stacked dice).

To crown am briefly, here na wetin yur pikin need evri day. Check up for d quantity:

  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 32.4g for boys; 32.4g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)

Vaccinations and Common Illnesses

Yur pikin no dey due for any vaccine dis month.  Read dis article to make sure yur 5 year old pikin appointment dey up to date. Yu need to follow doktor talk make he for give am injection against cold.

Disease wen children wen dey dis age dey quick get na Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, as well as colds and the flu.

As yu no go fit stop all dese ones, make yu help yur pikin boost him immune system instead for am to fit fight all dese plenti disease if yu give am balance diet wen get plenti fluid, vegetable and fruit. If yu teach yur pikin how to wash him hand, he go help protect am from sickness.

Treating Common Illnesses

Of all d common disease wen yur pikin fit catch, d ones wen common pass na cold, feva and cough. Make we see how yu fit manage dese ones for house.

  • To treat cold: Generally, e dey advisable make yu avoid medicine wen yu buy ova d counter except na for common cold. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics no dey work for am. Howeva, if d cold com return with feva wen aches and pains take follow, e betta make yu go see doktor.
  • To treat feva: If yur pikin get feva wen be 38°C (100.4°F)give am plenti water make he drink and make sure sey he get enuf rest. Apply cloth wen no too cold for him forehead, armpit and private part area to help bring d temperature down. However,  if d temperature of yur pikin come pass 38°C (100.4°F), carry am go see doktor.
  • To treat cough: Cough dey veri common among children. E fit come dey irritating if catarrh follow am with sneeze. E go dey best if yu try some home treatment like ginger and honey wen dem mix inside warm water. Yu fit ask yur pikin make he drink (if e too small) eight glasses of water evri day to help am reduce discomfort. If d cough neva stop within three to five days, abeg carry am go see doktor.

E dey veri important to know sey while yu fit buy some kind medicne without prescription, e dey betta if d first thing wen yu go use take treat yur pikin na simple home made theraphy.

Give pikin wen get cold and cough enuf warm water make he drink. Yu fit help yur pikin use warm water take gargle if he get sore throat.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin:

  • Dey underweight or get stunted growth.
  • Develop feva wen high(39 degrees Celcius and above)
  • Get some kind rashes  wen yu no undastand, lumps, or wound all ova him bodi

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Reference: Web MD

(*Disclaimer: This is the median height and weight according to WHO standards)

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