Pikin development and milestones: Yur 5-years-1-month-old

Pikin development and milestones: Yur 5-years-1-month-old

What's your child going to amaze you with this month? Read on to find out.

Yur 5 years 1 month old pikin don reali grow ova d months. D days wen he take be toddler don finish, now he don dey prepare for school, he dey show more independence and curiosity. If yu dey wonder wetin yu fit expect from dis yur angel dis month, we dey hia to help yu.

Make we look some common 5 years 1 month old pikin milestone take create awareness make yu for know wetin to expect.

As always, abeg know sey dese na just guidelines and evri pikin go develop at him own pace. If yu get any question about yur pikin development, make yu go see yur doktor/paediatrician.

5 Years 1 Month Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey yur Pikin Dey On Track?

Physical Development

Yur 5 years 1 month old pikin dey veri agile and fit express him excitement for plenti acrobatic ways. Him hand-eye coordination don reali improve to d extent sey he fit dey do somethings by himself like to feed himself and go toilet all by himself!

Him gross moto skills don advance pass wen he still be toddler, e come dey show for d way wen he take dey independent.

Everi pikin get he own pace wen he dey use take grow, but some fit accomplish more physical skill wen dey impressive. Dem fit jump high, run confidentli, and dem fit even do moves wen dey hard small like karate or ballet.

By dis time, yur pikin suppose fit do:

  • Somersault go front
  • Dey swing and climb confidentli.
  • Balance ontop one leg for 10 seconds.
  • Fit wear cloth/commot am without him parents help
  • Use cutlery take chop food
  • Go toilet without any bodi help

As fantastic as yur five-year-old dey, remember sey he still dey develop! Even if he/she fit go toilet by himself, he still fit bed wet, dat one no be wetin go make yu worri.

For dis stage, yur pikin median weight and height suppose be:

  • Boys
    - Height: 109.7 cm (43.2 inches)
    - Weight: 18.7 kg (41.2lb)
  • Girls
    - Height: 108.5 cm (42.7 inches)
    - Weight: 18.2 kg (40.2 lb)


If yu give yur pikin more space to take explore and try new things, e go help am develop him moto skills more.

  • Take am go playground wen get equipments wen he fit climb, like monkey bars.
  • Sign up yur pikin for group swimming class or oda sports wen he like. Make sure sey he get qualified instuctor wen go dey monitor am.
  • Encourage yur pikin wen he try to do some things by himself, like to wear cloth or to go toilet.
  • Reduce him use of technology wen he dey bed. Commot phone or any item wen get bright light wen go make am no sleep.
  • Involve yur pikin for simple house work. All dese different activities go help am develop him hand/eye coordination.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk:

If yu notice sey yur pikin no dey display some kind skills wen yu expect, e betta make yu carri am go hospital make doktor check am out. Some of d signs wen yu fit look for na:

  • If he still neva sabi hold crayon or pencil.
  • If he dey find am hard to chop, sleep or go toilet by himself.
  • Still no sabi commot him cloth by himself.

your child's cognitive development at 61 moths or 5 years 1 month

Cognitive Development

To go school don near finish! Yur pikin don dey learn plenti and he don store plenti information!

D rate wen yur pikin memory dey grow dey impressive. He fit rememba plenti information and he come get betta idea of wetin everi day items wen dey house be and wetin dia names be. Some of d milestone wen yu fit observe from yur pikin na:

  • He fit copy triangle and oda kind shapes.
  • Dey count from 20 up.
  • Fit draw pipu wen get six or more bodi parts.
  • Fit tell yu d names of d things wen dey house, like food and electrical appliances.
  • Sabi d name of at least four colour or more
  • Dey write some alfabets and numbas
  • Get betta idea of wetin time dey talk.


  • Encourage yur pikin make he dey draw. E dey help stimulate him creativity and dey develop fine moto skill for am.
  • Start to help yur pikin write letta give him friends dem. Dis one fit act as sweet gift and e go help am improve him cognitive development wen relate to literacy and memori.
  • Make creative projects wen yu fit do by yurself with glue, scissors, and other art supplies. E dey reali fun for yur pikin and go help am dey more familiar with different shapes.
  • Try make yu reduce d time wen yur pikin dey use take watch tv to one hour for programmes wen dey educative, e get oda ways wen yu fit use take stimulate yur pikin.

Wen yu fit follo doktor talk:

  • If yur pikin dey quick get distracted
  • No fit focus pass five minutes for any work wen dem give am.

a child playing with hoops

Social and Emotional Development

D kind wild imagination wen yur pikin get mean say he fit lose himself for complex pretend play wen get drama and fantasy.  Yu fit see sey he dey play with oda pipu well as he dey work towards common goal, like if he dey build castle or if he dey stay away from one place.

Yur pikin don dey agree more to things and he dey look forward to wen he fit follow oda pikin play.

Yu fit even notice sey he don dey more open to share him toy give him friends, and he dey readi to compromise if person no wan play game.  But make yu get am for mind sey yur pikin still fit throw tantrum if things no go him way.


  • Allow yur pikin choose d games wen he wan follow him friends play. Yur pikin go onli get d chance to dey sociable wen he dey discuss with him friends or even negotiate sef.
  • If any problem dey between yur pikin and him friends dem, allow yur pikin find way to take settle d matta. Dis way, yur pikin go sabi how dem dey take compromise.
  • Follow yur pikin talk, make yu give am yur full attention. As yu dey follow am talk, ask am wetin he like, and d thing wen he do dat day, he go feel loved and treasured.
  • Yur pikin like to dey express himself! Encourage am to dance, sing, and act - yu fit even join am sef.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

  • If yur pikin too dey fear, if he shy or dey aggressive.
  • Yur pikin always dey anxious wen yu no dey with am
  • If he no gree follow oda pikin play

Speech and Language Development

Yur 5 years 1 month old pikin don dey able to fit communicate wetin he want and need verbali. He also don dey undastand wetin yu talk and he don gain knowledge of wetin dey decribe position of things, like"on top of" or "below".

Story time don dey more engaging as yur pikin fit recall parts of d stori wen yu been read give am before. So wen yu read give am, no think sey one way traffic o- expect am make he tell yu wetin go happen next or how he feel about some of d characters dem.

So wetin be some of d things for 5 years 1 month old pikin development and mile stone wen yu fit dey aware of?

Yur pikin fit:

  • Use words wen rhyme.
  • Tell yu him full name.
  • Talk yur address and phone numba.
  • Talk clearly and he fit construct sentence wen get five words.

Yu go dey impressed and surprised sey dis yur pikin wen yu born yesterday get a whole 20,000 words for him vocabulary. No wonda he sabi express himself like dis. D way wen he take dey use all dese words na im dey important for am to take develop him language/speech skill.

Wen he enta preschool, he go start to learn how to read by himself. See some suggestions for things wen yu fit use take engage yur pikin wen fit help am sabi as he go take dey read.

Parenting Tips:

  • Make yu kontinu to dey read give yur pikin. Increase him love for book, take am go library. Him vocabulary go kontinu to dey expand as e dey exposed to different new books.
  • E good make yu dey highlight and dey draw attention give words wen yu dey use evri time wen yu dey read give yur pikin. When yu dey repeat words, e dey help yur pikin rememba new words wen yu mention dem.
  • Follow yur pikin talk about him surrounding, make yu encourage am to describe wetin he see.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

  • Yur pikin dey struggle with how to use past tense correct.
  • No dey use plural
  • Dey stammer

Health and Nutrition

Food for 5 years 1 month

Yur 5 years 1 month old pikin suppose don gain reach 2.25kg and he don grow reach 5.5 centimetres tall pass wen he be 4 years old.  Most pikin go be 17kg-20.3kg for weight  and 106cm-112.2cm for height. Him adult teeth go soon start to dey break out from him gum and him vision now na  20/20.

As dis yur smally take dey active so, e dey veri important make yur pikin get diet wen balance , make he fit dey grow healthy. Normally, he fit dey eat around 1300 calories, but e fit pass so and e go depend on d way we he take dey active reach.

Na d amount of calories wen boys and girls wen dey dis age suppose dey take be dis so:

  • Boys: 1,670 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,564 Kcal/day

If yu wan give am portion, na some guidelines wen we suggest be dis wen yu fit follow:

Food type Recommended portion size
Grains (6 small servings daily) 1 slice of bread

1/2 cup of rice wen yu don cook/pasta (80g)

Fats (3-4 servings daily) 1 teaspoon of butter/oil
Fruits and vegetables (5 servings daily) 1/2 - 1 small fruit

1/2 cup cooked or raw chopped vegetables (80g)


Meat (2 servings daily) 1-3 tablespoons of lean meat, or chicken, or fish

1 egg

5 tablespoons of peas and beans

Milk (3 servings daily) 3/4 cup of milk or yoghurt (177ml)

3/4 ounce of cheese (22g)

Na d snapshot of wetin yu fit give yur pikin make he fit meet d nutrition requirement wen he need be dis so:


Once yur pikin don reach 5 years 1 month old, yur pikin need two serving of protein everi day(32.4g). One serving  dey equal to one to three tablespoons of chicken, lean meat, or fish, as well as four to five tablespoons of dry beans and peas, and/or one egg.


He also need three  cups of fruit everi day(100g). One cup of fruit dey equal to one cup of fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, half (1/2) cup dried fruit, half (1/2) of a large apple, one eight or nine-inch banana, and/or one medium grapefruit.

If yur pikin wan drink fruit juice, make sure sey na 100 percent juice, no add sugar put. Try make yu give am fresh fruit wen yu fit, if possible with d skin as e get fibre.


By dis age, yur pikin need if e small at all, two cups of vegetable evri day (100g each). One cup of vegetable dey equal to one cup of vegetable wen dey raw or d one wen dem cook, two cups of raw leafy greens, one tomato wen big, or two medium size carrots.

Make yu dey give yur pikin "rainbow for him plate" everi week. For example,different vegetable wen get mani colour like, dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy and others. Wen yu dey select can or vegetable wen dem put for freezer, find d one wen get low sodium inside am.


Now, make yu dey introduce four ounces of grains inside yur pikin food.  One ounce of grains dey equal to one slice of bread, one cup of ready-to-eat cereal, or half (1/2) cup of spaghetti or marcaronni wen yu don cook or cooked cereal.

Choose whole grains,like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, or brown or wild rice. Reduce grain wen dey refined like white bread, pasta and rice.


By dis age, yur pikin suppose dey drink minimum of 17 to 20 ounces of milk everi day. Yu fit even use one cup of yoghurt or soy milk take replace am with, 1½ ounces of cheese wen dey natural, or two ounces of cheese wen dem don process.

To summarise everi thing wen we don dey talk since, na wetin yur pikin need everi day be dis. (Yu fit read up make yu for know d quantiti):

  • Fruits: three cup for boys; three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 32.4g for boys; 32.4g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)

Vaccinations and Common Illnesses

By dis age,yur pikin go don nearli take all him vaccine finish. Although, e still get d ones wen dem dey take everi year like d one for flu. Follow yur doktor talk if yu wan know more informate about  dis vaccine.

For sickness matter, make yu expect sey na cold and flu yur pikin go dey get pass as yur pikin dey exposed to all dese plenti germs wen he dey school and he dey build him immunity.

If yu dey treat common sickness

Among all d common sickness wen dey wen yur pikin fit catch, d one wen common pass na cold, feva and cough. Make we see how yu fit manage dese ones wen yu dey house.

  • To treat cold: E dey advisable make yu avoid any drug wen yu buy ova counta unless e dey veri necessari for common cold. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics no fit cure am. But if d cold don dey turn to febver with bodi pain, e betta make yu go see doktor.
  • To treat fever: Give yur pikin plenti water make he drink if he get temperature wen pass  38°C (100.4°F) and make sure sey he rest well. Yu fit put towel inside warm water dey press for him head, armpit and private part make d feva fit come down.  However, if yur pikin temperature rise pass  38°C (100.4°F), make yu carri am go see doktor and make yu follow d advise wen doktor go give yu to take manage yur pikin health.
  • To treat cough: Cough dey common well well wia plenti pikin dey. E fit dey irritating if catarrh and sneezing follow am. E go dey good if yu try some kind home remedies first like if yu mix ginger and honey inside warm water. Yu fit even ask yur pikin make he drink eight glasses of water make e for help am reduce any discomfort wen he get. If d cough no stop within three to five days, abeg carry yur pikin go see doktor.

E dey veri important make yu know sey while some medication dey wen yu fit buy without prescription, e go dey betta if d first treatment wen yu give yur pikin for sickness wen no too serious like dis na home remedies wen yu fit make by yurself.

Give plenti water to pikin wen get cold and cough. Yu  fit help yur pikin gargle with warm salt water if he get sore throat.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

  • If yur pikin get too much weight or him weight no reach wetin e suppose be, follow yur doktor talk make he give yu recommendation.
  • If he get fever wen high pass 38 degrees Celcius

References: WebMD, Healthy Children, Mayo Clinic

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