Death of pikin highlight the importance of safe sleep position

Death of pikin highlight the importance of safe sleep position

As one ten month pikin don die, e make everybody begin dey talk how they go put baby for sleep wey e nor go die. Na as the nanny put this pikin so, kill am.

Mama and papa, by now you don already know sey e dey safe if we dey allow pikin sleep with him back for bed. Shey your nanny — helper and relative — don know am too? All dem cases of sey pikin die inside dem cot dey cut the heart and e show sey we suppose dey keep dem pikin safe as dem dey sleep.

Pikin wey nanny put for cot to sleep die because he dey sleep with im face down

pikin don die

10-month-old male pikin Mikhael Sufyan Muhammad Syafiq don die after one nanny put am to sleep on top him belle.

According to the New Straits Times, dem find the dead body of de pikin inside im spring cot wey dey move. De pikin mama na one 27-year-old Nur Syazwanie Mustaffa. She tell NST say she no fit hold am as she see her pikin face and body wey don turn blue. She don reason am sey de pikin don peme. 

De mama wey don born two remember as de nanny call am to narrate as the matter take be. As de nanny take talk am, after she don bath de pikin, she come put am to sleep on top im belle. After like 30 minutes wey de pikin don dey dat position, she come go check am. But the pikin don already die.

Death of pikin highlight the importance of safe sleep position

De big sister of de pikin also dey under the care of de nani together with dem two other small small pikin, Dem rush de pikin go Sungai Buloh Hospital emergency unit. Na dere doctor confirm sey him don peme.

As de mama wey de kasala hit take yan NST- For him abode, Mikhael dey sleep with him side or make him face down but dem no dey use cradle. De nanny stand on top say she must to bring cradle but she no gree.

The mama of pikin wey die inside cradle warn the nanny sey her pikin get flu

 Mama wey get two pikin bring dem come meet de nanny because e no get who go dey care for dem as she and her husband go dey for work.

She confirm sey she ready to travel up to 20 kilometer to de house of de nanny because she believe sey she dey galant to care for her two pikin.

Before she drop her pikin make de nani care for dem, she don tell de nani sey de one wey small pass for her pikin dey sick with flu.

As we dey write so, people wey dey authority don categorise de case as sudden death of pikin, base on sey de pikin die because mucus block de pikin lung

Safe way to take sleep wey you suppose tell nanny wey dey care for your pikin

pikin don die

Before pikin reach de age of one, risk dey sey dem fit peme inside their sleep. De reason be sey, dem no get enough power to take roll back make their back bed if na face dem use face bed wen dem dey sleep

All de nani wey dey care for your pikin SUPPOSE dey aware of dis kain risk. E dey very very important if we make kondo wey our pikin dey sleep dey safe. The important things wey you suppose dey remember be say:

Comot soft materials and objects from area where pikin dey sleep

Make sure sey de small condo where your pikin dey sleep dey free of blankets, soft pillows, or stuffed toys. These tins wey we don mention fit harm pikin for sleep and no be everybody know about am.

Even crib bumpers fit turn to danger . One study  don discover sey all dese protective accessories get ability to take harm pikin.

No be only dese nani suppose put for mind. Baby sheets and blankets fit make pikin suffocate if no one dey to care for am. Dey always try to put pikin where dem fit sleep on firm, flat surface.

 Choose proper sleep attire

E never tey when one three-year-old pikin choke inside her own onesie (dat cloth wey dey make person wey wear am look like bear) as she dey sleep.  Good tin be sey she survive am. But wetin for happen if na pikin wey never sabi how to control her body wella. Another case happen, one four-month-old pikin suffocate till him die inside wrapper wey dem use tie am.

E mean say e dey important make we no dey dress pikin inside cloth wey dey loose. Or wrap dem inside large cloth. Pikin fit choke any time, no be only wen pikin dey chop.

Comot wetin fit harm from area

Even small small tins like phone and lamps wey we dey put for dem pikin condo fit cause dem harm. One 16-month-old pikin suffocate and die for him crib after him pull lamp wey dem mount for wall.

Mama and papa, no forget sey we must open eye for safety. And make sure say other people take am serous as we take am!

How you take dey create safe sleeping environment for your pikin? Make you tell us inside comment below!

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Tony S Abiodun