Development and milestones: Pikin wen be 1 week old

Development and milestones: Pikin wen be 1 week old

All of one week old, what can you expect from your tiny newborn? Let's find out.

Congratulations,mama! Your pikin wen don reach 1 week old fine o. Nine months inside your belle, one week for your hand. You go feel sey nothin dey happen for your pikin body for di first week wen u take born am but no be so. E get some things wen u go fit see if u look well well. 

Make we see wetin dem be.

1 week old baby development

You fit think sey the only tin wen your pikin wen just reach 1 week sabi na to sleep, chop, and shit. For this stage, e go surprise you d kine development wen dey happen for your pikin body. 

Development of pikin wen bin 1 week old

Physical Development

By now, your  1 week old pikin never start to gada all di fat wen go make im body round like Michelin, give am some months im body go start to gada.

No fear o, your pikin na still d finest pikin wen dey d world!

By dis kine time, your 1 week old pikin overall length and weight suppose dey :


  • Boys

– Length: 49.8 cm (19.6 inches)

– Weight: 3.3 kg (7.4 lb)

  • Girls

– Length: 49.2 cm (19.4 inches)

– Weight: 3.3 kg (7.3 lb)

Your pikin head suppose be :

  • Boys: 34.5 cm (13.6 inches)
  • Girls: 33.9 cm (13.3 inches)

Im head fit big pass d rest of im body meanwhile im hand with leg fit small. Dis one dey perfectly normal. You fit use d full day dey look your pikin with happiness, no fear your pikin never fit look you back.

Dis na becos im eye still dey develop and e dey near sighted. Instead make your pikin dey look you for eye, you fit notice sey your 1 week pikin dey look your eyebrow, hair or even your mouth sef. Dis one na normal something. 

You fit help your pikin eyesight make e strong wen you start to move your head side to side slow slow. Make you look weda im eye dey follow you. As you dey do dis one, you dey help make im eye muscles strong. 

Ehen, instead make you dey buy toys wen get plenty colour for ya pikin, try buy di ones wen get colours like black, red or white. Until your pikin reach 6 months, na dese colours im go fit see well well wen go fit help am develop im eyesight and make am strong.

Doktor fit don help your pikin comot im umblical stump clamp after 24 hrs wen you take born am. If dem never comot am, you fit tell dem make dem comot am before una commot for hospital make e no go dey disturb ur pikin wen u wan commot im diaper. 

1 week old baby

Umblical stump wen still fresh. As d week dey go, d colour go don change.

Wetin your pikin umblical stump suppose resemble?

Once you born finish, your pikin umblical stump still fit white make e dey shine. But as d weeks dey go, d stump go don squeeze, dry and den e go do heal finish. E go start to change colour to brown, gray or black sef.  By imself na im d stump dey take fall commot. E dey very important make pikin umblical stump get betta care as e go help make e heal well well and infection no go fit enter the pikin stump.

Abeg read this comprehensive guide on stump care for more.

Your pikin private part and breast fit be like sey e swell up . If you notice dis kine tin, you no suppose worry as na normal thing. Na because of all d hormones wen your pikin take from your body wen e still dey inside your belle.

E get one fine hair wen fit dey your pikin body. E fit thick pass for him back, shoulder abi him forehead. Dem dey call dis fine hair lanugo and e dey help protect your pikin skin wen him dey inside ya belle. Some weeks no go don pass before dis fine hair go don dey fall comot. 

When you fit see your doktor

When your pikin :

  • Get umblical stump wen dey commot yamayama, wen dey smell join sef. 
Your newborn loves touch at this stage

Your touch and love  dey help  your 1 week old pikin grow well well!

Cognitive Development

Na only 1 week your precious pikin don dey outside your belle but your pikin don already sabi you well well. Your pikin don already sabi your voice  because you follow am sing and talk wen he still dey inside your belle. He even sabi your touch because na everytime you dey rub your bump wen u get belle and e go answer you when he kick you inside belle wen he dey. Now when he don commot for inside belle, he sabi your smell because you dey give am breast milk.

Mamas, d way wen you dey take touch your pikin, the love wen you dey give am, plus you voice, all join wen dey give your pikin ogbonge security.  But wait first o, shey u sabi sey d more wen you dey take touch, hold and cuddle your pikin, na so im brain dey use take respond and develop sef.

So make you kontinu to dey love your pikin, make you sef dey follow am talk even as e small reach. You dey help both him emotional and cognitive development make dem do well. 

1 week old baby

To make pikin grip d nipple na number one key to make sure sey your pikin dey chop well. If to breastfeed still be wahala, abeg see your consultant.

Nutrition and Health

D only way wen your pikin fit get any kind nutrition for dis age na through d breastmilk wen you go give am. 

Breastmilk get better better nutrient wen your pikin need. Nutrients wen get better antibodies wen go help your pikin fight ogbonge sickness and different different kind minerals and vitamins wen no get part two. All dese things wen dey inside breast milk go help your 1 week old pikin fight all dese sickness wen he fit catch and dem go help am develop him immunity well. 

Your small pikin go don benefit from that colostrum wen you produce as you first born finish. In fact, you still even fit still dey produce am. As your pikin don dey go d second abi third day after delivery, d composition wen dey d breast milk go just change to match wetin your pikin need. 

E get some kind things wen you suppose remember wen you dey feed your  1week old pikin so even sef d following weeks wen go follow join sef:

  • As your pikin dey wan chop, na im you go take feed:Mama, we sabi sey you sef don tire  and d way when sleep dey take catch you sef no be here. We sabi sey e get some time wen you no go fit sleep because of your pikin. We just wan tell you say make you no give up. Dis your small pikin wen you see so, no just get any control about how he wan take eat abi sleep , so na wen he want am na im u go take feed am. Na im be sey you go dey find sign sey your pikin don dey hungry.He fit start to suck him hand or make he start to use him face take dey find your breast among oda kind signs. All dese na sign say your pikin don ready for anoda chop chop.
  • You no get need to supplement your 1 week old pikin food. Afterall him belle still dey small and anything wen pass wetin your breast dey feed am go make am vomit. 
  • Around day three to five your milk  go come surplus. You fit even experience some kind let down when go make your breast milk plenty sef. 
  • As your milk dey come, your breast fit dey big. For you to fit handle dis one, you go make sure say your pikin dey suck well well and you go dey give am food everytime make you for fit empty your breast milk. 
  • If your breast come full sotey your nipples come flat, e go come dey hard make your pikin suck am, so you fit use your hand or breast pump take pump some milk commot.

 No forget sey if you still dey get wahala with breast feeding, follow your doktor talk. 

Pikin wen dem dey breastfeed go lose small body within d first three days wen dem take born am . Five percent to seven percent still dey normal.

Wen e reach your one week old pikin health, remember sey him immune system still dey develop, so you go dey careful with am because he still dey dat stage wen any small tin fit catch am. No allow any persin kiss ya pikin, especially wen na for face abi hand. You go even tell all ya your family members dem, make dem no kiss baby for face sef, and tell dem make dem dey wash dem hand before dem go carry your pikin. 

Once you born, na dese vaccinations dem go give your pikin. 

  • BCG: Immunisation against Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis​ B – 1st dose: Immunisation against Hepatitis B

As mama, make you know sey two to three days after dem don give your pikin dis BCG vaccine so, he go get swelling  when go show around where dem give am d injection so. Dis swelling fit increase and e go come turn ulcer wen ger crust on top am. D place go get scar once d crust don fall commot. Dis one na normal reaction, no be side effect at all. 

For you to know when time don reach for d next vaccination, abeg read this guide

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • Dey run even d smallest fever (over 37 degrees Celsius)
  • Dey get wahala wen he dey suck breast. 
  • Get wetin dem call  shrunken fontanelle (na im be sey one part for your pikin head soft) — e fit be sign sey your pikin get dehydration. 
  • Fall at all.
take care when bathing your newborn

Dey careful wen you dey baff your new born pikin. Remember make you support him head and neck every time. 

Care for Newborn pikin

To dey check your pikin diaper during the first week wen you just born dey very important. E go help you make sure sey your pikin dey chop well, and he dey belleful.  As soon as your breastmilk just show, you go see sey your pikin shit go don get one kine greenish-brown colour like dat.  After e go come turn yellow , den e go be like sey e get seed inside am. Again, you go notice sey e diaper dey wet well well as d level wen he dey take breastfeed don go up.  

With pikin wen be one week old, you go just see sey you fit commot him diaper reach three to five times as he take shit reach inside one day. Make you sabi sey every pikin own fit different. Some fit shit as dem dey chop every time while some others fit wait for sometime before dem go shit. 

When  e reach diaper wen wet, you fit dey look five or six every day sef.

E fit hard you make you baff your pikin for d first time . But no fear, you go soon become oga for baffing pikin once you follow dis our step to step guide. 

Read am for  here

Safety of Newborn pikin

Mamas, make una remember sey una pikin body never strong at all o . When you dey carry am, abeg hold him neck well well. Even when you wan baff am sef. Make you gentle wen you reach dat soft spot wen bin dey your pikin head. 

To avoid the risk of this Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS),  make you always remember sey you go use him back make him use take sleep. No go put plenty things inside d bed wen your pikin go take sleep. 

Your baby at one week

To look pikin after one week wen you just born fit make persin quick tire. Na im make am sey, you need better persin wen go follow you stay wen sabi take care of new pikin well well. 

As new mama, make your body dey kampe

D change wen dey happen wen you commot from persin wen get belle to persin wen get him own pikin sometimes dey get as e be. Na im make am sey as your pikin just dey 1 week old, you must get plenty persin for your house wen go fit look you and your pikin especially for dat early days wen you just become mama. 

The only thing wen you partner  no go fit do for dis stage na to  breastfeed. D way wen he fit help you with dat one sef na to make sure sey you dey well hydrated when you dey breastfeed.  For your own well being, e go better make you share work like baffing your pikin and who go change him diaper and wen.    

You fit even try all dese traditional post-natal massage  dem wen get better health benefit among other benefits for mamas wen just born. 

Remember sey plenty emotions and hormones still dey your body and e dey normal make  every thing just be like sey e wan tire you. If you feel sey you don dey wan dey depressed, you no even wan use eye take see your pikin or you no fit follow am bond, abeg go see your doktor sharp sharp.  

Congratulations, again, mama! Your journey just dey start.



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Reference: WebMD

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*Disclaimer: This is the median length and weight, and head circumference according to WHO standards)

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