Development and milestones: yur 2 weeks old pikin

Development and milestones: yur 2 weeks old pikin

Your little one is all of two weeks old! What should you expect from him or her this week?

Wen your pikin don spend  2 weeks outside your belle , na dis kine time, e go just dey sink enter your mind sey dat small hand wen you feel for inside your belle just 2 weeks ago na your own for real life make you fit kiss and hold am. Na so- you don turn mama to your fine pikin wen be 2 weeks old! Congratulations sey you pass one week of motherhood successfully.

Although na only small time don make am pass one week since you born your pikin, e still get some kine changes wen you go see for your pikin body.

You fit see some of d development and milestones wen your pikinwen be 2 weeks old dey make.

 Pikin Wen Be 2 Weeks Old Development

Physical Development

As time dey go, some 2 weeks old pikin don dey gather d weight wen dem lose dat first week back while oda pikin still dey take deir time to gather d weight. You go see sey difference don dey your pikin body once 10-14 days don reach, so far your milk don true true dey rush.

By dis kine time, your pikin wen be 2 weeks old length and weight fit don reach d following:

  • Boys
    – Length: 49.8 cm (19.6 inches)
    – Weight: 3.3 kg (7.4lb)
  • Girls
    – Length: 49.2 cm (19.4 inches)
    – Weight: 3.3kg (7.3lb)

Meanwhile d size of your 2 weeks old pikin head suppose don reach d following :

  • Boys: 34.5 cm (13.6 inches)
  • Girls: 33.9 cm (13.3 inches)

Once your pikin start to gather weight, make e dey gather around 25 grams every day. Dis one fit no happen once like dis o, but e go dey happen small small.

Your   2 weeks old pikin fit get small hair or plenty hair. If he get d kine hair wen scatter every where, you go see sey as d months dey go, na so d hair go take dey grow.

You go also see sey d way your pikin dey take grip your hand strong well well. Na dis one dem dey caall palmar grasp reflex. For you to sabi about d oda reflexes wen your pikin get, click here.

Your pikin fit still need umbilical cord care if d stump never fall commot by d end of dat week. Make you keep d stump and all d areas around am dry, den e suppose fall commot before d second week go end.

When you go fit see your doktor

If your pikin:

  • Dey lose weight quick quick.
  • Him umbilical stump still dey red, if d area around am dey swell up or if e dey smell.


Pikin wen be 2 weeks old Cognitive Development

When two weeks don reach, your 2 weeks old pikin go start to react to sound and light. If one loud noise just happen, he go shock am. Dis na why wen you wrap dem well, e go help reduce dat kine sharp shock especially wen d pikin dey sleep. Although deir sight still never develop well, you go still see dem dey look your face or deir papa face.

Your small pikin no go don get any kine personality , so you go think sey na only to chop, sleep and shit he sabi. Meanwhile, for real life, all dat sweet breastmilk dey help him brain develop as he dey spend him time between movement and sleep, quiet alert with active alert.

All dat sleep wen your  2 weeks old pikin dey do now, dey help him brain and body dey grow.  By dis week, your sweet pikin go don sabi your voice and even your smell sef. Your pikin also like make you dey touch and hold am.

Mama, shey you sabi sey research don find out sey d way wen you dey take  hold your pikin dey  help him brain  develop quick quick and e dey even help im brain develop well and e dey help am grow fast? Na so! Make you dey hug your pikin plenty, dey kiss am well, make you dey hold am near your skin every time.

When you fit see your doktor:

If your pikin:

  • No dey jump once noise loud plenti.
  • No dey even try look you at all.

Pikin wen be 2 weeks old

Nutrition and Health of  Pikin Wen Be 2 Weeks Old

Your 2 weeks old pikin dey very  happy with your breastmilk, and for di age wen him dey so, na all d nutrition wen him need be dat so. You no need to supplement him food with water or juice.

By now, your milk go don dey flow well, so you go don already get pattern wen you go take dey feed your pikin. E fit be sey your 2 weeks old pikin go dey chop every  1.5 to 3 hours, he fit dey suck 15 mins on top each breast. Make you dey feed your pikin once him need am. When you feed am like dat, sabi sey no be only sey you dey nourish am, you dey also give am comfort with security.

If you still dey get wahala with breastfeeding, abeg make you call your doktor, no waste time. Your doktor go fit help you enter d right track back.

When your pikin don reach 2 weeks old, e get some kind health issues wen he go get. Na colic be d most common one wen your pikin fit get. And na wen your pikin no put him mouth well for your breast wen he dey chop, dat na wetin dey make new born pikin suck plenty air pass milk, na wetin dey make deir belle quick full with gas.

D gas dey commot las las but d cry wen no dey finish even after your pikin don chop belleful na sign sey maybe him get colic. So make you softly rub your pikin belle with your flat palm for clockwise way. Wen you move your pikin leg up and down like sey e dey cycle, e fit help am. If your pikin still dey uncomfortable after all dat one, abeg see doktor.

For your 2 weeks old pikin, na dese vaccines dem dey give am as you born am:

  • BCG : Immunisation against Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis​ B - first dose: Immunisation against Hepatitis B

Make you sabi sey: Two to three weeks after  dem don give am BCG vaccination, one small red lump fit show for where dem give am d injection so. Dis lump fit come swell up turn into ulcer wen go get crust on top am. Once d crust fall commot, scar go dey dere. Dis one na normal reaction, no be side effect.

For you to take sabi wen go be your pikin next vaccination day, abeg read this guide

Sleep go always dey catch your 2 weeks old pikin, so he go dey struggle make he wake up pass two hours once . As d months dey go, he go don get sleep-wake pattern wen go dey more regular.

At 2 weeks old, you go dey see six to eight wet nappies every day.

When fit see your doktor: 

If your pikin:

  • Still get jaundice. While some jaundice fit dey normal wen you born,  if d yellowish tone still dey by now, go see your doktor.
  • Get rashes for mouth or if d folds wen dey him neck dey red. Doktor fit give you something mild wen go treat am.
  • Get tear ducts wen block, dis one go show by d kind discharge wen dey commot for him eye. Some mamas fit tell you say make you put one or two drops of breastmilk for your pikin eye , but e go beter if you go see your doktor first.
  • No get enough nappies wen wet.
Care For Pikin Wen Dem Just Born

Your pikin wen you just born still dey fragile, so you must take better care wen you dey carry/baff am. You go dey use your hand take support him head every time as him neck never strong to fit support him head by e self.

For you to fit encourage your 2 weeks old pikin make him neck muscles quick develop, you fit start wetin dem dey call tummy time now, but you go dey do am for very short time.and you must always dey dere to supervise.

For dis age wen your pikin be so, you no need to dey baff am everyday because you fit dey commot all d moisture wen dey deir body if you baff dem every day. Dis one fit make your pikin skin dry and  he fit get rashes.  Unless sey d weather hot, na im you go dey baff am every oda day. Instead make you dey use wet soft washcloth take dey clean your pikin body.

Pikin wen be 2 weeks old

To care for your 2 weeks old pikin dey very important

Safety Of Your Newborn Pikin

Your 2 weeks old pikin fit get nails wen be like sey dem give am fine manicure . As dem fine reach, dose fine nails wen dey pointed so go fit wound your pikin badly if he just shock once, come scratch him face by mistake.

Make you buy pikin nail cutter take trim him nails wen he dey sleep or wen he dey breastfeed. You fit even use your teeth take cut them sef! Use your pikin mitten if every oda thing fail.

Your baby head still dey delicate as e dey so, d soft spot wen dey on top him head dey vulnerable. So make you take extra care wen you or any oda person dey wash him head. No allow your children wen senior am touch him head. No make d mistake sey you leave your new born pikin with him senior ones.

Remember make you always make your pikin sleep on top him back, make you for fit prevent risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. No put heavy things or toys on top him bed.

When you fit see your doktor. 

  • If your pikin:
  • Get fontanelle wen swell up. E fit be because of dehydration.

Wellness Wen You Suppose Get As  New Mama

Even as you dey happy sey you just turn mama, sometimes d whole thing fit just weigh you down. In fact, na around dis kind time na im you go start to feel down. As you dey show dis your 2 weeks old pikin plenty love with care, you sef need to follow take care of yourself.

Because of hormonal change and sey you no dey sleep, every thing fit just overwhelm you, plus every thing go just dey make you irritable. All dis one dey normal. Na wetin make d compassion with d support wen you go get from your family and friends dey very important during dis phase wen you dey so.

As your 2 weeks old pikin don dey grow,  you  go don find out wetin go work for you so you go fit get enough time take sleep. You fit sleep wen baby dey sleep or you and your husband go take turns stay awake for night so una two go fit share d load make una maintain better health.

Remember sey dis na journey of self discovery and you and your husband go get different experiences. Once you start to compare your situation with oda people own, you go just dey make matter worse. Guilt fit come dey worry you sey, maybe you no be better mama or maybe you dey miss some kind tins where your pikin dey concern . But make you always remember sey no be so d matter take be.


If you feel like you just cannot cope, or struggle with feelings of overwhelming sadness, please, please reach out to your doctor without delay. 

Reference: Web MD


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*Disclaimer: This is the median length and weight, and head circumference according to WHO standards)

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