Places to take kids in Lagos in near me

Places to take kids in Lagos in near me

Do you know you can create a tighter bond with your kids by visiting places to take kids in Lagos? When your child is done learning in the classroom, you can take them out to continue their education after school hours and on weekends.

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head and wondering what kind of fun activities to do with your kids on weekends? There are places to take kids in Lagos! Your family will enjoy your outing and create memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Hang out at the beach

There are lots of beautiful beaches in Lagos, and you can have a great time when you head out to the beach. Pack a bag full of great food delicious bites, and refreshing drinks before you go to the beach. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera along. You will need to capture all that fun.

Places to take kids in lagos

The beaches in our list of places to take kids in Lagos include:

Tarkwa Bay beach

This is one of the cleanest beaches in the world! You can only access this beautiful beach by boat, and you will enjoy the panoramic views of Lagos from your mini cruise. Also, plan to stay the whole day! There are so many fun activities here for adults and children alike.

Oniru Beach

Kids love this private beach! Weekdays at Oniru are calm, but on weekends, the whole place comes alive with big parties and lots of people frolicking in the water.

2. See (or buy!) beautiful arts and crafts

Introduce your kids to the world of arts and culture by giving them a taste of the art scene in Lagos. You can visit:

Nike Art Centre

This art gallery boasts of tastefully done paintings, sculptures, clothing, and artifacts. Here, your kids will learn things no one would ever show them in a classroom. The environment is family-friendly and conducive for a day out with kids. This might be in a list of places to take kids in Lagos but the adults in your company will enjoy it, too!

Places to take kids in lagos

The National Museum

This museum is one of the most important places to take kids in Lagos. Your kids will return from the trip armed with new knowledge about Nigeria. You will find amazing arts and crafts from all corners of the country. Want to give your kids a lesson on what it means to be Nigeria? Then add the National Museum to your list of places to take kids in Lagos!

3. Enjoy nature and the beautiful outdoors

When you are planning outdoor adventures for your kids in Lagos, there are places that you must visit. Some of them are:

Lekki Conservation Center

You will not believe that such a serene place exists in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Lagos! Your family will enjoy walking the canopy suspension bridge and seeing the cheeky monkeys on the grounds.

LUFASI Nature Park

This location is a great family hangout spot! It makes our list of places to take kids in Lagos because it is a great setting for making lasting memories. The environment is clean. Pack your picnic baskets and head out for a nice family outing.

4. Watch blockbuster movies at the cinema

Kids love movies, and you can turn their love of movies into a mini family time! Theaters in Lagos show the latest PG-13 movies from all over the world.

Genesis Delux Cinemas, Lekki

For the latest in child-friendly cinema, this is one of the best places to take kids in Lagos. The whole family will enjoy crispy popcorn and refreshing drinks.

Places to take kids in lagos

Silverbird Cinemas

Victoria Island, Lagos: This already one of the most popular places to take kids in Lagos. Movies are not just the only thing you’ll get here. The games arcade will provide excellent entertainment for your children. Weekends at Silverbird are absolutely fun!

5. Shop for clothes and accessories

The kids will love picking out their own clothes at the mall! Schedule an evening of shopping at Lagos malls as a surprise for the kids.
You can go to:

The Lennox Mall

This spacious mall is one of the best places in Lagos to takes your kids for some retail therapy. There are lots of shops to browse, so load up your wallet and hit the road with the whole family.

Ikeja City Mall

This place is always packed full of shoppers because it is very popular. When you’re done with shopping, you can eat in any of the restaurants in the mall

6. Enjoy a nice family dinner in restaurants

Everyone knows how most Nigerian moms don’t like eating out. Don’t be the mom that tells your kids that, “there is rice at home.” Yes, we know about the huge bag of rice in your kitchen, but eating out sometimes will help create a tight family bond. You can eat as a family at:

Places to take kids in lagos

Shiro Restaurant and Bar

Give your whole family a taste of oriental cuisine by taking them to this restaurant. You’ll get served the best of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. It is a nice way of introducing your kids to foreign cultures—and we all know that food is a big part of any culture.

Nok by Alara

For an unforgettable dining experience, you should take your kids to Nok by Alara. This restaurant’s cool name is enough to make you want to go, but you can expect excellent food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Your kids’ education doesn’t have to end in the classroom. Visiting the places to take kids in Lagos will prove to be a learning experience!

Resource: Britannica 

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Written by

Julie Adeboye