Please Don't Kiss My Baby, Thank You

Please Don't Kiss My Baby, Thank You

Your baby is here now, and you're not the only one who thinks he is adorable. Your family, friends and co workers have come to visit, and everyone is cooing at your baby's cuteness. Some people won't resist kissing your baby's ruddy cheeks or his rosebud lips. If you're honest you'll admit you are not very comfortable with people kissing your baby, especially on the mouth. It seems there's no way to say "please don't kiss my newborn" without some awkwardness. Well. we're here to tell you there are polite ways to stop people from kissing your baby. But first, let's talk about why you should take this seriously.

Why Is It Important That People Don't Kiss Your Baby On The Lips?

Immature Immunity

Please Don't Kiss My Baby, Thank You

Your baby's immunity is still very weak, and this makes him vulnerable to germs and bugs. Ordinarily, older children and adults would encounter some of these diseases and their bodies would fight them off easily. But with babies, the same bugs could prove to be fatal. In fact, a baby actually died when it contracted meningitis from a seemingly innocent kiss from someone with a cold sore. And there are several other publicized cases of babies catching herpes from someone who was unaware they were infected or contagious. In time your baby will have a strong immune system, but until then, he will need you to protect him.

We get it. Babies are downright delicious. Those round, soft cheeks. The soft tufts of hair. That fresh smell. All that sweet baby goodness is evolution’s way of making sure parents can handle the months of sleep deprivation, piercing cries, and nasty diaper blowouts.

This is not to say that we should keep our newborns under lock and key or hibernate until they’re well into their toddler years. But that we all should take certain precautions as responsible parents to our own kids and as responsible adults to other babies as well. Sadly though, not all adults know or are aware of the dangers of kissing and cuddling newborns.

Some Baby Saftey Tips For Your Family And Your Guests To Practice

Please Don't Kiss My Baby, Thank You

  • Ensure all caregivers and you, the mother are properly immunized.
  • Practice good hand washing habits.
  • Make sure every baby visitor washes their hands before carrying the baby.
  • Keep a tub of hand sanitizer close to the baby's bassinet at all times. This is to make sure guests sanitize their hands before carrying your baby.
  • Ensure that anyone who has an illness, rash, shingles or cold sores avoids close direct contact with a newborn
  • Practice good hygiene in your home.
  • If they must kiss your baby, and they're healthy, have them kiss under his feet or the back of his head.

Babies turn us all into a pile of mush. In fact, just a few minutes with a baby, and we lose all sensibilities. We post pictures of their naked bums with annoying captions: #Adorbs. So we understand why it could get awkward telling people not to kiss your baby. If you're not sure how exactly to put it, let's help you.

Interesting Ways To Say "Don't Kiss My Baby"

Please Don't Kiss My Baby, Thank You

You could make some colourful cards from cardboard and keep them close to his bassinet where visitors cannot miss it. The words should read any of the following below:

  1. I know it's tempting to kiss and cuddle him, but please don't. Thank you.
  2. Your germs are too big for me. Please don't kiss! - Baby
  3. Germs will hurt me. Please wash your hands and wait to kiss me for a few months. I'll still love you. - Baby
  4. Mummy and Daddy said no kissing!
  5. No kisses!

This isn’t a permanent moratorium against kisses, of course. Once a baby has been vaccinated and has a chance to build up their immune system, germ protection protocol is a bit more flexible. I mean, within a few months, the baby will be licking the kitchen floor as he crawls across it.

As a toddler, she might smear poop on the walls and splash around in the toilet. Before long, we find our kids are sucking on a half-eaten lollipop they found in the couch cushions.

Resource: MomCenter

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