Pooping During Labor And Delivery: 6 Tips For Avoiding It

Pooping During Labor And Delivery: 6 Tips For Avoiding It

Pooping during labour or delivery has to be one of every pregnant woman's biggest fears. Here are a few things you can try to lessen the chances of it happening...

Out of all the possible things that can go down during the birth of our babies … pooping during labor on the table has to be one of every pregnant woman’s biggest fears. I mean … it’s poop — which has enough of an ick factor all on its own. But then you throw in a few random individuals you may or may not know very well witnessing you crapping yourself — and any sort of dignity you have left goes straight out the window.

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There’s only one thing that can make the potential poop situation better or worse (it’s still up for debate depending on who you ask): not even knowing that you did it. And while there’s no guarantee as to whether or not you will have a bowel movement on the table during delivery, there are a few things you can try to lessen the chances of it happening.

Although it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things whether or not you have an accidental surprise while bringing a life into this world, there are a few ways you can potentially prevent it from happening. Read on to learn about six helpful things you can do to hopefully avoid pooping during labor … they may just do the trick.

Pooping During Labor And Delivery: 6 Tips For Avoiding It

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The Dreaded Enema

It may not be pleasant, but asking the nurse for an enema will clean you out before labor progresses too far.

Relieve Yourself Early

Feel like pooping during labor? By all means, poop away — don’t fight the urge to push. It’s your body’s way of saving you from embarrassment in the delivery room.

Take It Easy

If you are right around your due date or are in the very early stages of labor, you might want to think about forgoing larger meals in favour of soups and lighter foods that are more easily digested.

Up Your Fluid and Fibre Intake

As you approach your due date, make sure you are drinking enough water, and aim for foods that are rich in fibre to keep your digestive tract regular. This should increase your chances of going before junior’s arrival … not during it.


In some hospitals, nurses will also give you a suppository to help move things along before you’re ready to push.


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Stop Stressing!

Here’s the thing … pooping during labor is totally normal. But if you worry too much about it, you might just stress yourself out to the point of constipation … which may make you more likely to go on the table. Roll with the punches, give yourself a break.

Shit happens.

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