Back to school affirmations for Nigerian kids

Back to school affirmations for Nigerian kids

Remember to tell your child these positive affirmations every single day.

Every child needs a healthy dose of positive affirmations for school. Think about it. The first day of school is always overwhelming. The school is always a beehive of activities. And the child has to process a lot of information while trying to contain the anxiety and the anticipation of a new—hopefully, good—school year. 

Every parent should prioritize back-to-school affirmations. Children benefit a great deal from hearing these kind words of encouragement. Not only do they help children cope with the pressures and challenges of the school day, but they also help pupils adopt a healthy outlook.

positive affirmations for school

Everyone who has ever had to start a new day in a new environment understands this. Positive affirmations don't have to be grand. You can achieve a lot by saying these simple words to your child:

You are such a good-looking chap

You are the smartest kid in the world

I know you’ll excel in your academics

You look amazing today

Any child who hears these words will bounce of to school with a beautiful, positive outlook. He will learn to out his best foot forward and to expect the best from each new experience.

Why Positive Affirmations are Good for Kids

Parents are beginning to communicate their affirmations in creative ways. Some leave positive notes in their children’s lunch boxes. Others leave the note in the child’s pocket. Some parents say that children learn faster by example. When parents declare positive words to themselves, the children observe and adopt the strategy.

Affirmations can benefit the child in so many ways. Here are some of its most amazing advantages:

1. Affirmations increase the child’s chances of success

A confident child navigates the world with determination and boldness. And this is how positive affirmations work: they make the child confident in their abilities.

2. Boosts the child’s self-esteem

A child who grows up hearing positive affirmations will develop a healthy self-esteem. 


positive affirmations for school

3. Boosts performance

Many children do not perform to the best of their abilities. Back to school affirmations can boost the child’s academic performance.

Research studies have also shown that positive affirmations help improve the overall performance of children. The easiest way to get a child to perform optimally is to pour praises on him or her. 

4. Equips the child with social skills

Every word of affirmation equips the child with important social skills. Words like:

Be a good friend today or Say hi to your locker mate are effective in giving the child the skills and confidence he/she needs to relate well with others.

Through consistent affirmation, socially awkward children can learn to be a bit more social and nice to the people they meet. This helps them bond with others and to fit into the right groups.


positive affirmations for school

5. Boosts the child’s love for their cultural heritage

Many children do not like the way they look. They want to change their natural complexions. They want to straighten their kinky hair. They are ashamed to learn about their culture or speak their languages. Positive affirmations for school comes into play more than ever.

Such negative attitudes can be changed through positive affirmations.

“You’re strong and confident and beautiful.”

“You’re powerful.”

“You're creative!”

“You come from a family of wise and courageous people.”

This can go along to improving the child’s self-esteem. Teach your children to love their skin, hair, nails and language. Encourage them to adopt their own definition of beautiful!

6. Positive affirmations for school help children adopt good morals

Children learn a lot from what they see and hear. A little nice word here and there can  make a world of difference to the child. Use simple affirmations like “Goodbye Kelvin, and don’t forget to say thank-you today!” Or “remember you have to say sorry to that kid you upset yesterday.” To get results, be consistent.


positive affirmations for school

7. Helps the child attain psychological maturity

Every parent hopes that their children grow into mature, well-adjusted adults. One way to accomplish this is through affirmations. Maintaining a positive mindset is an important aspect of life. Affirmations should be a part and parcel of the child’s life whether or not school is in session.

Positive affirmations to tell your kids as they head back to school

  • You are smart
  • You area good leader
  • You are a great friend
  • Nothing is impossible for you
  • You can achieve anything you want
  • You are strong and beautiful
  • You are important
  • You work so hard
  • The world needs you

In conclusion, optimistic children believe in themselves. To them, all things are possible. They are willing to work hard to accomplish their goals and get excellent grades.

Education experts recommend positive affirmations for school. Research has shown that they boost the overall performance of children in schools. If you haven’t been giving back to school affirmations, you can start today. It is not too late to start encouraging your little ones before and after school.

Resource: Psychology Today

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Written by

Julie Adeboye