Woman stops going out for five years after suffering from postnatal anxiety

Woman stops going out for five years after suffering from postnatal anxiety

Jennie Oneill gave birth to her second daughter Brooke in 2004, but nine months after childbirth she developed crippling anxiety that has prevented her from going out in five years. The birth itself was fantastic according to Oneill, so the postnatal anxietycame as a shock to her.

postnatal anxiety

How it all started

Nine months after giving birth to her second child, Oneill was on her way to drop off her first child Olivia in school when the attack started. She describes the feeling as having her legs turn to jelly under and panic coursing through her body.

Ever since then, she had kept indoors because she gets severe heart palpitations and breathless when she leaves the house. She has also reported remaining frozen when she attempts to go out of her garden gate.

Oneill’s postnatal anxietyhas far-reaching effects

Postnatal anxiety has reduced her quality of life. Apart from the fact that she has been stuck in her house for more than five years, her lack of social life has caused her to lose friends. She claims that due to the anxiety, her house has become a mess because she has been left unable to tidy up after herself.

Due to the fact that she is unable to leave the house, she’s had to have blood tests and smears at home.

Oneill says she has become miserable and her children have become used to seeing her at home all the time. The children have even learned to go to their father for everything they need. The family doesn’t go out to celebrate holidays or just have normal family hangouts.

postnatal anxiety

Her partner has been supportive

She is able to cope because her husband has shown her unwavering support. “He has stood by me through it all,” she says.

What is postnatal anxiety?

According to Anxiety UK, this condition develops after a woman gives birth to a child. The body goes through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy. These hormonal and physical ups and downs can cause a woman to become more anxious than normal.

Postnatal anxiety can manifest as:

• Excessively worrying that the baby will get harmed

• Excessively worrying that there’s something wrong with the baby’s health

• Constantly worrying about things that aren’t logically possible

• Panic attacks

Postnatal care is important for both the new mom and her baby. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, please see your healthcare provider.

Resource: Anxiety UK

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