Popular And Catchy Praise Songs For Kids.

Popular And Catchy Praise Songs For Kids.

There is a great list of praise songs to teach kids. Helping children create happy childhood memories is a gift. There is something heartening about having little children together in one place chanting soulful gospel songs after you. It is invigorating to have them do some simple demonstration to go with music.


Music is not just for fun. Through them, children can pick up values and lifelong lessons. Or it can be an avenue to keep them busy during the holidays. Children's abilities vary from child to child. When selecting a praise song you have to take the child's age into consideration. You can always find a lot of lively gospel music out there, both classics and contemporary, whose lyrics are easy and fun to grab for kids.

List of praise songs to teach kids

With the list below, it is a walk down memory lane. Most likely you sang one of these songs growing up.


  1. Imela by Nathaniel Bassey

Imela is a soulful song suitable for kids.

It is a contemporary worship song written by Nathaniel Bassey and first released on his 2014 album, The Son of God . It was so popular and subsequently became a popular congregational song.


2. Father Abraham by Pierre Kartner

This is a children's favourite in Nigeria. Pierre Kartner is a Dutch musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. He performs under the stage name Vader Abraham (Father Abraham). He created his well-known alter ego, Father Abraham, after writing a Dutch Carnival song, Father Abraham had seven sons, he at first used a fake beard, but a real beard replaced this and would remain his trademark along with his bowler hat. This one goes with some action. Find a rhythm that works for the kids using their hands and feet.


3. This Little Light of Mine by Harry Dixon

Even as an adult in Nigeria it is almost possible to not have heard this one at some point growing up. This Little Light of Mine has different verses altered over the years. You can mix it up a bit as you go with the kids. This Little Light of Mine was written for kids in the 1920s by Harry Dixon Loes. It was later adopted by Zilphia Horton.


4. Excess Love by Mercy Chinwo

So much testimonies came up from this song. It is an important reminder of God's love for his children. Kids also love this song because of the melody and repetitive lyrics.

5. He's got the Whole World in his Hands by Laurie London

The song became an international pop hit in 1957-58 in a recording by English singer Laurie London. It rose out of the oral tradition of African Americans and has become one of the most widely known and loved spirituals, sung by young and old everywhere. The song has variations in both text and tune like other songs that came out of oral tradition. In addition, it is characterized by one recurring motif. Try singing some stanzas accompanied by clapping.

6. I know who I am by Sinach

This is a very energetic song, kids love to dance it. It is also a great song that breeds confidence in children.


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Written by

Lydia Ume