A Guide To The Injections You Need During Pregnancy

A Guide To The Injections You Need During Pregnancy

This pregnancy injection chart is useful for pregnant women and their babies. When it is missed, it leaves them and the baby open to diseases.

Pregnancy comes with a lot of routine and vaccination is one of them. Vaccination associated with pregnancy is like compiling a whole package from which nothing must be omitted. That is what pregnancy injection chart is useful for. It guides pregnant women on the injections to take and the ones not to. It also makes provision for time to take them. Yet, many women miss the fact that they are not up-to-date on their vaccinations. This leaves them open to diseases that can harm them or their baby. 


What are the vaccines?

A vaccine is any medicine that helps protect your body from certain diseases. While the act of vaccination is taking a shot that contains a vaccine. For pregnant women, vaccination is very important because it helps protect both mother and child from the attack of certain diseases. That is why a woman's vaccine needs to be current before she gets pregnant. However, not all vaccines are safe to take during pregnancy. So you must take vaccination under the guidance of your doctor. 


What is a pregnancy injection chart?

A Guide To The Injections You Need During Pregnancy

Pregnancy injection chart is like a visual guide. It shows which routine vaccinations a pregnant woman should take before and during pregnancy. 

Which vaccine injections can you take before pregnancy?

It is important to get a preconception to check up if you're looking to get pregnant. At a preconception checkup, the doctor checks to make sure you're fit to get pregnant. You should take along a copy of your vaccination history when going for a preconception checkup. But if you don't have that information, your doctor can do a blood test to know which vaccinations you may need. The doctor may prescribe the following vaccinations. 

  • Influenza

Influenza is also known as the flu. Normally, the flu can cause sore throat, body aches, vomiting and diarrhoea in normal people. But for pregnant women, the consequences of getting the flu are serious and far-reaching. They are likely to go into premature labour. And several health issues may accompany babies born prematurely.

  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

HPV is a disease you can get from unprotected sex, also known as an STI. And you can only get the vaccine before getting pregnant. HPV can cause cervical cancer or genital warts. 

In Nigeria, most people get this shot as a child. But as you get older you may need another dose to bolster the previous one. Measles can bring about rashes that can spread fast. But for pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage. While rubella can cause stillbirth or premature birth. 

  • Chickenpox

It isn't safe to get this vaccine during pregnancy. If you need it, it will have to be before. Chickenpox can cause skin problems like itchy skin and rashes. But in pregnant women, it can cause birth defects. A birth defect is a condition that can alter how a particular body part looks or how it functions. 

  • Other vaccinations

Other vaccinations you can get before pregnancy include pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis A and B, influenza B. and tetanus. 


Which vaccine injections can you take during pregnancy?

A Guide To The Injections You Need During Pregnancy

The following are vaccinations you can take during pregnancy. 


  • Tdap vaccine

     Try and take a new Tdap vaccine during each pregnancy. It protects your baby from pertussis in the first few months of birth before she gets vaccinated.

  • Polio

Polio can cause lasting disability. The disease attacks the central nervous system, affecting the spinal cord.

  • Rabies

Rabies is a killer disease if not treated in time. You can get rabies from an infected animal. Usually, it is contracted through a bite.

  • Smallpox

Unless you've been exposed you don't need this vaccination. Smallpox is caused by a virus and it moves easily from the carrier to the next person. The resulting is symptom is a rash that can lead to death.

  • Yellow fever

Infected mosquitoes are the main carriers of this dangerous virus. The symptoms are mostly organ failure, bleeding, fever. It is a deadly disease.

  • Typhoid fever

All over the world, typhoid fever is a common disease. Contracted mostly from water and food, yellow fever is known for its high fever symptom. In more serious cases, it can cause you to bleed inside your body. 

When you visit your doctor for preconception checkup, talk to your doctor about any allergies you might have before taking vaccinations. Allergies are those reactions you get when you do something your body doesn't like. Allergic reactions in some people are severe, while in others they are mild.

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