Pregnancy photo shoot poses

Pregnancy photo shoot poses

Want to know the best pregnancy photo shoot poses to make you go viral? Here’s how you can take beautiful pictures to share with your family and friends!

How to plan for your pregnancy photo shoot?

Your pregnancy photo shoot pictures have to be gorgeous! Pictures are beautiful reminders on what it felt like to be pregnant. I’m sure you have seen some memorable maternity pictures on your Facebook or Instagram by now, and yours can even be better.

pregnancy photo shoot poses

Whether you want viral pictures for your social media or just personal pictures to show your baby in the future, your pregnancy photo shoot poses will look good if you know the things you need for pregnancy photo shoot:

Things you need for a maternity photo session

• A great photographer

Great photographers are a bit pricey, but you need to pick a professional who can get the job done. A bad photographer will waste your time and have you looking for someone else to do a better job. Make it a point to hire someone who is highly creative. You can find a great photographer on your social media feed by checking out the pregnancy photo shoots you like.

• Theme

Your theme matters! A unique theme will make the maternity shoot even more beautiful. Popular maternity photo shoot themes are royalty, culture, nude, family, and nature. You can decide on a theme that best reflects your occupation, your religion and your personality.

• Beautiful costumes

All pregnancy photo shoot poses have one thing in common: the costumes are quite lovely! You have probably seen moms-to-be snapping pictures in royal attire or traditional wear. You may have also seen pictures with the braver pregnant moms cradling their belly in nothing but their underwear.

There are so many beautiful costume ideas to try out, so be creative and think of something unique. You can use the pregnancy photo shoot of your friends as a guide on what to wear for your pregnancy photo shoot

pregnancy photo shoot poses

• Props

Props are the things you need to pull off the picture. Some women use baby clothes and shoes in their maternity pictures. Others go all out and find props that fit the theme of the photo shoot. That’s why you will see pregnant women who do their pregnancy photo shoot poses dressed as queens being surrounded by crowns, thrones and even sceptres.

People who are using nature themes can include their pets or other animals on the set of the photo shoot.
Your photographer should be able to help you interpret your theme better.

• Location

A beautiful location is also important! Do you want to have your maternity photo shoot outdoors or in a studio? The choice is yours. The location can be in a garden, by a pool, or anywhere that matches your theme. If you choose to do it in a studio, you can set up the place to match your vision.

• Make-up

Your pregnancy photo shoot pose is not complete without beautiful makeup. Of course, you can decide to go bare-faced. But if you decide to put some make-up on to jazz up your picture, you should use the services of a professional make-up artist.

• Do you want other people in the picture?

It is not a bad idea to have other people in the picture, but if you want to do it alone, then go right ahead. However, there is nothing wrong with snapping loved-up pictures with the father-to-be. You can also take pictures with your children if you already have any. I’m sure you know that your family pets will look adorable if you include them in the picture.

pregnancy photo shoot poses

Pregnancy photo shoot poses you can try

Now that you have gathered what you need for your pregnancy picture, the next thing is to find the best pregnancy photo shoot poses.

Here are a few poses you could try:

1. Cradle your baby bump

All cute maternity pictures have one thing in common: the mom-to-be cradles her baby bump and stares down at it lovingly. This picture can come out looking more ethereal if the photographer renders it in black and white.

2. Hug your partner Lovingly

There’s no better way to showcase your love than to hug your partner in one of the pregnancy photo shoot poses. You could stare into each other’s eyes for loved-up pics. You can also lean your back into his chest as he cradles your beautiful bump. Don’t be afraid to display your love in front of the camera!

3. Just taking a stroll

You know what? To get a lovely stroll shot, you should add a beautiful maternity dress to your list of what to wear for your maternity photo shoot. Your photographer can capture you just walking around holding cradling your bump, your lovely dress trailing behind you!

4. One big family

The one big family pregnancy photo shoot poses is a nice way to include your whole family. Gather your partner and your children or any other relative you want to include and pose for the camera. This picture will be such a wonderful addition for your family album.

5. Upper body shot

Capture your joy by taking a picture of just your upper body with more focus on your pregnant belly. You can choose to take this picture fully dressed or you can bare your bump. Basically, decide what works best for you!

All those viral pregnancy photo shoots got popular because a lot of thought went into their staging and execution. You too can get beautiful shots that will trend on social media if you follow this pregnancy photo shoot poses guide!

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Julie Adeboye