Things to add to your pregnancy shopping list

Things to add to your pregnancy shopping list

A pregnancy shopping listis one important tool you’ll need to make your pregnancy journey easier. Having a comprehensive pregnancy shopping listhas more benefits than one can count. A good to-do pregnancy list does the following:

pregnancy shopping list

A pregnancy shopping will help you keep track of the items you’ve bought

·         Helps you stay organized throughout your pregnancy.

·         Makes it easier for you to remember the important things you and your baby need to stay happy, healthy and strong. Research has shown that pregnant women tend to forget easily.

·         Helps you delegate effectively. There are items you might be unable to purchase on your own. Having a list helps you communicate clearly and succinctly with whoever will assist you in purchasing the important items.

·         Relives stress, which isn’t good for you and your baby.

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of to-do lists, you probably want yours. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of items you will need during the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester.

A detailed pregnancy shopping list

First trimester list

·         Prenatal vitamins such as folic acid, B Vitamins and iron tablets. Alternatively, you can buy an all-in-one prenatal vitamin tablet.

·         Loose-fitting clothes.

·         Healthy foods, mostly fruits, vegetables and grains.

·         Water bottle to help you get the recommended quantity of fluids.

·         Insecticide-treated mosquito net.

·         Pregnancy books

Second trimester list

·         More loose-fitting clothes

·         Sleep aids such as an orthopedic bed and pregnancy pillows

·         Glider or rocker

·         Newborn clothes

·         Baby cot and mattress

·         Bed sheets

·         Toys and other nursery accessories

·         Add calcium and omega 3 fatty tablets to your prenatal tablets

·         Tetanus vaccines and HPV

·         More healthy foods

pregnancy shopping list

It is normal to be forgetful during pregnancy, but a pregnancy shopping listwill serve as a reminder

Third trimester list (this includes the indispensable delivery list)

·         Delivery mats

·         Baby diapers

·         Sanitary pads

·         Toiletries for the baby (powder, soap, body oils and so on)

·         Toiletries for you (toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing soap, sponge and deodorant)

·         Toilet rolls

·         Olive oil

·         Vaseline

·         Baby blanket

·         Baby underwear (4 pcs)

·         Cover-alls (one-piece sleeping suits. Choose the button-studded variety over the zip up models. The zips can get broken)

·         Nightgowns for you and the baby.

·         Baby caps

·         Wrappers

·         Cotton towels

·         Stockings to wear with nightwear and body suits.

·         Girdle to support the mother’s stomach

·         Feeding bottles for milk and water (if you don’t intend to breastfeed exclusively).

·         Bottle and nipple brush for washing the bottles.

·         Sterilizer

·         Laundry detergent for the baby’s clothes

·         Baby bath tub

·         Baby carrier

·         Baby basinet (also known as Moses basket)

·         Baby pram

·         Baby mosquito net to protect the baby from mosquito bites and possible malaria infection. Malaria kills millions of babies every year.

·         Baby stroller

·         Car seat

·         Nursing bras

·         Breast pumps

·         Breast pads

·         Bibs

·         Methylated spirit

·         Cotton wool

·         Nail clippers

·         Comfortable bathroom slippers for the mum

·         Hot water flask

·         Food flask

·         Baby books

·         Baby music playlist (Mozart for babies came highly recommended).

 Final word on pregnancy shopping lists

If you want to have a great pregnancy experience, take time to create and follow your pregnancy shopping list. Be creative when shopping for you and your baby. Make a budget and plan well. Buy baby clothing you can afford.

If you have to buy already used baby clothing, be sure to soak them in lukewarm water, detergent and a mild disinfectant. Wash the clothes well, rinse them and hang them out to dry under the sun. Iron each piece of clothing afterwards. You don’t have to wash them all at once.

Another tip is to pack your baby bag one month to your EDD. Don’t wait until the last minute. You are likely to leave out a lot while you’re crying from labor pains.

 With our comprehensive pregnancy shopping list, you should be able to shop for the right items at the right time.

Resource: Medical News Today


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Written by

Julie Adeboye