Here's All You Should Know About Testing Pregnancy With Salt

Here's All You Should Know About Testing Pregnancy With Salt

Have you tried a pregnancy test with salt? It is a go-to discreet method for finding out if you have taken in or not. Here is the procedure and what experts have to say about it

You may think that certain practices go away in this era of technology, but not pregnancy test with salt. Most of the pregnancy tests that are being used today were only approved in 1976 by the Food and Drug Administration.

You may not be able to get a pregnancy test kit soon enough for a variety of reasons.  The good thing about pregnancy test with salt is that you don't spend a dime while getting to know whether you're pregnant or not and its stress-free. What's there to lose?

The procedure for a pregnancy test with salt

pregnancy test with salt

Most homemade pregnancy tests share the same process with a pregnancy test with salt. The test looks to detect whether hCG hormone is present in the urine. This hormone is only present in the urine when a woman is pregnant. So anything that can detect hCG hormone in the urine can be used as a pregnancy test.

What you need

This pregnancy test doesn't need any expensive equipment. You can get all you need in your home. Before you get started with the test, make sure you have the following things ready.

  • Salt is a very important ingredient for this test. To avoid incorrect result, make sure the salt is as pure as can be. If the salt is pure enough for cooking, then maybe it is good enough for this test.
  • Another thing you need is a clean container, a glass one especially. Throw the container away when you're done. But if you want to repeat the test, wash and keep the container for reuse.
  • Get a spoon ready. It can be a rubber, aluminium or wood spoon.

The above items are all you need. Time to dive into the testing.


pregnancy test with salt

The procedure for pregnancy test is very simple. It only requires a few steps without much fuss. Follow the steps below.

  • Clean your container one more time so that there's no dirt in it.
  • Pour some urine in the container.
  • Collect a spoonful of salt and add into the urine in the container.
  • Shake the container a bit and then wait.


It will take a few minutes for you to get any results after adding the salt to the urine. Look at the mixture well. If you notice clumps in the urine, that means the test is positive. That white crispy appearance means that hCG hormone is present in the urine, which means you're pregnant. But if the urine has no such reaction, that means hCG is absent, which means you're not pregnant.

Precautions during pregnancy test with salt

pregnancy test with salt

  • For you to get accurate results, make sure you take these precautions seriously. Failure to do so will affect the result you get in the end.
  • Collect the urine you want to use early in the morning. This is because at that time of day there's a higher concentration of hCG in the urine. That time of day is the best time to take this test.
  • Take the test a week after your period is due. That's enough time for the production of the hCG hormone.
  • Make sure that the container you're using is extra clean so that your results are not affected.
  • Also, make sure that the salt you're using isn't contaminated.

Is pregnancy test with salt reliable?

Appealing as these at-home tests may sound, is there any scientific proof that they work? "Nope, not at all," says Caitlin McAllister, MD, chief Ob/Gyn resident at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Below, we bring you other mums who have used homemade pregnancy tests before.

According to Gladys, she tried the pregnancy test with salt and got a negative result, which was the same result she got with a strip. She believes the home tests are accurate. While for Rayberry, she has done two different kinds of homemade pregnancy tests and one produced a negative and the other a positive. This left her confused.

Finally, you shouldn't take the results of homemade pregnancy tests too seriously. Since there's no spending money and neither is there any harm, you can do it for fun. So go see your doctor for a test if you want an accurate result.


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