Pregnancy week 10: Week by week pregnancy guide

Pregnancy week 10: Week by week pregnancy guide

Your baby may be a size of a prune but he is starting to toughen up thanks to his now hardening bones. As for you, find out what type of food and activities you should avoid to reduce pregnancy risks.

As soon as you reach pregnancy week 10, you’ll notice significant changes in your developing foetus. His/her body will start transforming and growing at a fast rate.

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How Big is Your Baby?

At 10 weeks, your baby is the size of a prune. He/she is around 3.1 cm and weighs around 3.9 g.

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Your Baby’s Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you’ll learn that:

  • Your baby’s brain is developing at an astounding rate: nearly 250,000 neurons are forming every minute!
  • All his/her vital organs, including his/her kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver, are now in place and starting to function.
  • His/her hands and feet begin to separate into fingers and toes, and there are beginnings of tiny fingernails.
  • His/her bones are starting to harden to take shape.
  • He has started developing buds for teeth at pregnancy week 10.
  • Your male baby has started producing testosterone.

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Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 10

  • That annoying nauseating feeling just won’t seem to budge at pregnancy week 10.
  • It feels like you have so much air in you, and all that gassiness is coming out in loud (embarrassing) burps and farts, too.
Pregnancy Care
  • To beat nausea, try different food to see what works in providing relief. Some mums go for salted crackers or even ginger tea to help them get through the day and night. Otherwise, seek your gynaecologist’s advice for Vitamin B6 and/or B12, which many mums claim helps alleviate nausea. Find out what other mums are eating at Week 10 here.
  • Keeping away from raw food–sashimi, uncooked vegetables and meats, and egg–is a wise choice. You definitely wouldn’t want to risk having food poisoning at this point as having the runs would lead to uterus contractions and dehydration.
  • If you notice any spotting or unusual foul discharge, do seek advice from your gynaecologist. During the early weeks of pregnancy, the fetus may not be stable and thus the first trimester is also the most vulnerable period.
  • Avoid carrying heavy things now. So if you have things to move or carry around, get help instead of taking on an additional risk during pregnancy.
Your Checklist
  • Load up on healthy food such as spinach (folate), fruits (vitamins and fibre), and milk (calcium) to keep your body in tip-top condition.
  • Go for short, slow walks to keep good blood circulation. Besides, the fresh air can do wonders to improve your mood. Go to the beach or a quiet park to enjoy some serenity for a calm mind.
  • Look into prenatal massage packages now so you can get the pampering you deserve during your second trimester. Note that most companies will offer massage services between 13 weeks (beginning of second trimester) and 32 weeks (before the ninth month starts).

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