Pikin drown inside bucket of water: How you fit prevent drowning accidents

Pikin drown inside bucket of water: How you fit prevent drowning accidents

Dem no supervise d pikin wen he drown...

Pikin dem dey curious about de world around dem. As dem dey grow dem physical skills, your home become one exciting world wey dem fit explore, but e fit also be dangerous place for pikin wey dem nor supervise. Dem fit get into trouble for de most unexpected places – dis include drowning for home. So e dey important make parent know how to prevent drowning accidents for home.

E never tey wen one small pikin drown for home inside bucket of water, reminding parents sey e dey important to know how to prevent drowning accidents for home as well as for outside.

How to prevent drowning accidents: Small pikin drown inside bucket of water for home

14 months baby drowned

One 14-month old small pikin drown, after im jump for inside bucket of water for home.

Him mama rush enta de toilet wen she dey hear sounds of water wey dey splash and find sey her pikin don kpeme. De little boy take head enter inside de bucket. Immediately she call her husband for helep. De couple dey chop wen de tin happen.

She claim sey de bucket dey empty as she dey use am to bath de pikin older sibling earlier for dat day.

Dem rush de boy go one health clinic but medical officers confirm sey im don die. Dem classify de case as sudden death.

Na only diapers de boy dey wear and dem no find external injuries on de boy. Police  no find evidence of crime or foul play, but investigation continue.

How to prevent drowning accidents from happening at home

De most important tin on how to prevent drowning accidents for home – never leave your child unsupervised

E dey very easy for babies and toddlers to drown. In fact, dem fit drown inside water wey dey as low as 2.5cm and e fit happen under one minute. So, nor be just only inflatable pools and children’s pools fit pose as a risk, but also tins wey you no expect like bathroom sinks and buckets of water.

Always supervise your small pikin for inside de bathroom.

Here na how to prevent drowning accidents from happening for home:

  1. Nor dey ever leave your pikin alone inside bathroom.Even if emergency dey wey you need to attend to for your home, e fit be sey you wan answer de door or pick up a house call, you fit wan wrap your baby inside towel and carry de baby with you to wetin you need to do. Nor dey expect sey your pikin older sibling go keep watch – even one slight slip fit prove fatal.
  2. As long as you get pikin for inside house, nor leave any water wey full up for home. Dis include buckets, tubs, and any containers whether na bathroom or na kitchen e dey.
  3. If possible, you fit install toilet seat locking device to keep de toilet lid closed. Otherwise, always remember to keep de bathroom door closed, and remind your other pikin too.
  4. Only use bathtub seats and supporting rings for your pikin under your direct supervision.Dese seats fit dey slippery or e fit overturn, your pikin fit accidentally slip inside e water.

Take a first aid and CPR course

How to prevent drowning accidents – learn baby and child first aid and CPR | Source: Adobe Stock

Spare de time to learn CPR and child first aid care so you go fit act quickly to save your pikin for emergency.

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Tony S Abiodun