Problems faced during pregnancy

Problems faced during pregnancy

You could wait with excitement for your babies to start coming, only to get hit with problems faced during pregnancy once you test positive. Your pregnancy problems will be unique to you, and you may even start feeling alone in your struggles. Don’t despair! It’s a journey that will come with joys and pains, but the joy of growing another life inside you definitely outweighs all the discomfort you’ll feel.
The ups and downs of pregnancy are what make it a very special time!

Why You Should Expect Problems Faced During Pregnancy
Pregnancy issues shouldn’t dampen the joy you should get at this beautiful time. Admittedly, it might be hard to focus on your health and that of your baby when you are being hit from all sides. Rest assured that these changes are normal for every pregnant woman, although no two pregnancies are the same. The important thing is how you manage these problems.

Are you in the early days of your pregnancy and wondering what changes to expect?
Your body is busy creating a brand new life, so don’t expect it to be all rosy. You will notice changes when it comes to your health, physical appearance, emotions, psychological makeup, and your spiritual outlook.
Don’t let these changes frighten you! It all works out in the end!

Here are some of the problems faced during pregnancy:

Health Problems Faced During Pregnancy
Edema: This is one of the health problems faced during pregnancy. Your ankles, wrists, and face will likely swell at this time as a result of water retention. Your body is now producing excess fluids, and this has to go somewhere. Edema in itself should not get you alarmed, but you’ll still need to go to your doctor to rule out any underlying health issues.

Aches and Pains: aches and pains are some of the problems faced during pregnancy. Pregnant women will often complain about general discomfort. The pains could come in the form of tender breasts, swollen feet, achy joints, or indigestion. Then there is the pregnancy back pain that will have you wincing! As always, check with your doctor for effective pain relief options.

problems faced during pregnancy

Cramps: cramps are one of the problems faced during pregnancy. Normal cramps may just be a sign that your muscles and ligaments are doing all kinds of stretches to accommodate your growing baby. You will notice these cramps more when you switch position or when you cough or sneeze. Excruciating pain during pregnancy is not fine. Report anything that is out of the ordinary to your doctor!

Urinary incontinence: Before your pregnancy, you were probably able to hold your pee without needing to run off to the bathroom every other minute. But if you suddenly discover that you have to sprint to the bathroom all the time, just shrug it off as one of the problems faced during pregnancy. Urinary incontinence isn’t that embarrassing once you think about it.

problems faced during pregnancy

Unstable body temperature: Pregnancy can leave you blowing hot and cold! You could find yourself getting such a thermometer-breaking high temperature one minute and the next minute you’re looking for a pile of blankets to bury yourself under! Low body temperature in pregnancy can be very dangerous, so please consult your doctor if your temperature falls below 95 degrees.

Physical Problems Faced During Pregnancy
Increase in body size: Pregnancy weight gain is a hot topic, but it is one of the realities of carrying a baby inside you. Your body is making room for your little one, hence the change in shape in size. However, you should fight the temptation to go overboard with eating for two. Eat healthy, organic food. Prepare your meals from scratch. You have your health and that of your baby to consider.

New walking steps AKA waddling: Pregnancy will change the way you walk! Of course, you’ll walk differently now that there’s a huge load in front of you. You may find yourself dragging your feet and shuffling. Embrace this new version of you!

problems faced during pregnancy

Hair loss: As bad as it sounds, you may have to say goodbye to your full head of hair once you deliver your baby. Hair loss is common after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the abundance of estrogen gives you the thickest, most beautiful hair. Once your baby is here and your hormone levels crash back to normal, your beautiful hair might get in the line of fire and take the hit.

Emotional Problems Faced During Pregnancy
• Mood Swings: Your hormones are on fire during pregnancy, which can put you on a roller coaster of emotions. Your mood will definitely be affected! It is normal to feel elated about your pregnancy and at the same time feeling overwhelmed and tired of it all.

The change in mood is because your body is undergoing changes in metabolism, physical stress, as well as a rise in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Now you know mood swings are one of the problems faced during pregnancy, don’t be shocked if you occasionally burst into tears for no discernable reason.

Feelings of Inadequacy and insecurity: It’s okay for you to feel unsuitable for your new role. Motherhood is a huge thing, so you’ll occasionally wonder how you can pull it off. You are not alone. All new moms worry about doing a terrible job and damaging their babies irreparably. Relax. You’ll be fine!

These problems faced during pregnancy are common yet very unique. No two pregnant women will experience them the same way. You may or may not experience all of it, but the joy that comes when you hold your baby in your arms will make the pain worth it in the end. Until then, put on a brave face and fight on. Register for prenatal checkups and make sure you and your baby are doing fine at every stage of the pregnancy.


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