Professor carries her student's baby for 3 hours so she can learn in class

Professor carries her student's baby for 3 hours so she can learn in class

A college professor has gone viral for helping out her student who could not find a babysitter by carrying her student's baby on her back all through a three hours lecture.

The video of Ramata Sissoko Cissé, an assistant professor of biology at Georgia Gwinnett College, carrying her student's baby goes viral after she offers to help her carry her baby.

The student couldn't find a babysitter, so her professor put the baby on her back throughout the three-hour anatomy class.

College Professor Goes Viral For Carrying Student's Baby

Professor carries her student's baby for 3 hours so she can learn in class

The human capacity for compassion is a beautiful thing to behold anywhere in the world. It's no wonder a  photo of the professor carrying the baby on her back went viral, showing us a perfect picture of what empathy looks like. Ramata Sissoko Cissé spoke to CNN about how she came to carry the student's baby. She said that the student had called her the previous night to tell her that she'd be bringing her baby to class because her babysitter was sick.

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The professor herself is a mother of three, so she gave her permission. "For her to trust me made me feel like I had to help," Cissé said. "It's like a moral responsibility." Unfortunately, when the student arrived in class the next day, she couldn't write because the baby kept moving and Cissé had to ask her to hand her the little boy. However, holding the baby and teaching was impossible, so Cissé found a white lab coat and tied the baby to her back. The baby soon fell asleep on the professor's back, which prompted a student to ask why the baby was able to sleep quietly.

To answer the question, Cissé explained to her students that the baby was comfortable and warm. The matching heat made it easier for him to relax and sleep. Later when the baby became hungry, she explained further that warming the baby's bottle would help with food digestion.

Cissé on why she teaches

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After the class the mother emailed Cissé, thanking her for the gesture. The professor wrote back, saying she'd always be there for the mother. "You're welcome, I'll always be there for you," Cissé wrote.

"I know," the student replied.

Speaking further, Cissé said that those two words by the mother meant a lot to her. Since a lot of her students later become nurses and doctors, she said teaching them science aims to prepare them for life after school. "Love and compassion are part of the philosophy of my classroom," Cissé said, explaining that health work goes beyond what the textbooks say. "I'm hoping they can spread love, take it to other people who need it."

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