Open letter to all mothers: I am proud of you Ma!

Open letter to all mothers: I am proud of you Ma!

Dear Nigerian Mother,

Thank you.

I hope this open letter to all mothers meets you well.
You have surpassed a million and one challenges to get your family where it is today.

You are love personified. You are a candle who tirelessly lights up everyone around you, even when you aren’t appreciated for your efforts, even at the risk of blowing out your own light. Your children are alive and healthy because of your love, care, and utmost devotion. Your role is such a thankless one, but that has not discouraged you from giving your all.

Dear Mother, for you motherhood started before your children came. You were raised from childhood to fulfill this role. Nothing else mattered to your own parents but your future as a wife and mom. They wanted you to grow up and become a good woman, a good wife, a good mother. In that order. You had to give up many dreams because you took your future role seriously. The society questioned every move you made and judged your future based on your mistakes. Everyone wondered what kind of mom you’d become when you failed to meet some societal expectations.

Then you grew up.

This open letter to all mothers is for you, a great mother. Thank you for chasing dreams that aligned only with motherhood. Thank you for all the jobs you passed up because it would have meant missing your child’s first words or their first wobbly steps. For the mothers who stayed in the corporate rat race, climbing the ladder of success was difficult, what with lugging your children with you as you ascended.

Everyone questioned your performance, sometimes wondering out loud if you would have performed better if you didn’t have children taking up a great part of your time. But you did it, and your family is proud of your achievements.
For the mothers who sacrificed everything to stay at home and raise the family, thank you. The society may not really understand your motives, and they may be a few who call you names, but your devotion hasn’t waned. You have sacrificed everything to make your family work: your time, your life, your sweat, your blood, your tears. This open letter to all mothers is to say thank you for your selfless service.

You didn’t mind that there is a high mortality rate in Nigeria when you got pregnant and had your baby. You choose to undertake this dangerous journey knowing what little support was available, knowing that surviving labour wasn’t guaranteed. Then you made it and your baby became the light of your life. To the mothers who weren’t lucky enough to come out of the labour ward alive, we say thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice. We will not forget you.

In a country with scarce resources, you have worked to keep your babies’ bellies full and make sure they always have clothes to on their backs. You fight to place them in good schools, the kind of school you couldn’t afford to attend. It doesn’t matter if you have to travel long distances for school runs, you would do it just so your children can get access to places you never did.

This open letter to all mothers is for moms who raise their children to be upstanding citizens and excellent human beings. Thank you for teaching your children to show empathy and love. Your children always strive to be better human beings because you showed them how.

This is open letter to all mothers is to thank you for everything you have done.

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Written by

Julie Adeboye